Parents Face Unique Challenge: Three Kids With Type 1

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There is another blog by a mother of 4, and 3 of the 4 have type 1.  Her name is Meri and here is a link to her blog.  (Great blog too!)



I absolutely adore Meri.  Yep, 3 out of 4 kids with T1, and she keeps on top of it all (with the help of their D-alert dog).  She helps me keep my attitude in check, having only one T1 child to care for.  Her latest post is worth looking at, especially for caretakers....




Hello C,

This is the chart where I got my information, on the Islets Of Hope Site:


Genetic Transmission of Type 1 Diabetes:
The Odds for Your Child

Genetic Transmission(1)

Odds of Being Passed to Child

Father with Type 1 Diabetes

1 in 17

Mother with Type 1 Diabetes
  and child is born before mother is age 25
  and child is born to mother age 25 or older

1 in 25
1 in 100

Both parents have Type 1 Diabetes, or if

Either Parent has MODY (Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young)

Between 1 in 10 and 14

50% chance

I think I may have misinterpreted the information when I saw the "or if" in the bottom part of the chart. I'm so sorry!!!


thanks, richard! i was just hoping the numbers would be lower. can't help wishful thinking :o)

I am type 1. My wife didn't have diabetes but unfortunately all 4 of my children are type 1. I can tell you first hand it is extremely difficult. It's hard enough when it's just you that is type 1.

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[One teacher is a t-1 mom and the media specialist is a t-1 wife.


OMG, I would train the Ti mom to do her insulin any day if that were allowed!

When I worked briefly in a elementary public school (hated the bureaucracy and quit after 3 months) there were twin boys both w/ T1 in the school. I offered to help if anyone ever needed me. Their teachers were thrilled to have someone else around -- not as their official caregiver, but just in an emergency (e.g., another Mom just brought in pretzels as a snack -- do they have carbs, so should I have the nurse come?). But, the school nurse didn't want to anywhere near them to help, not b/c of regulations but b/c I was "stepping on her toes." I didn't push it but sometimes felt sad that a lady with limited training wasn't able to use me as an occasional resource. I mean, it's not like I was GIVING insulin, I was just there to say if something was "off" and the parents or nurse should be contacted... Oh well, one of the many reasons being in that job was too political for me!!


lol the school nurse here can kiss my big toe. I help out with the newly dx'ed t-1 any time I can. She was in the office testing one day and was below 80. The secretary didnt know what they should do so I told them what I would do in that case. The girl range is 80-180. Normally they call the parents and ask what to do but when treating a low they imo should treat first then call the parents. Everyone in the school should know how to treat a low and if they are not sure its a low treat for it anyhow if they think it is. Lame!! The nurse has done no training what so ever! The principal said he was just going to have someone come in from the Barbra Davis Center and have them trained on what to look for in kids who have yet to be dx'ed and what to do for those who are.