Parents who get on your LAST NERVE SOMETIMES!

I love my parents i really do its just sometimes they drive me Nuts sometimes it feels like their interogating me about my blood sugar sometimes i want to scream ugh. Anyone else have parents who just make you wanna go insane sometimes

yes! my mother gets on my nerves all the time. she constently looks at my pump and my meter making shure im not lying through my teeth. it gets annoying like i wanna scream "LEAVE ME ALONE!!"



ya like sometimes they don't trust me so they have to check my nunber on my meter again and it gets so annoying

Yeah, it gets annoying, but they are just trying to help. Its for your own good. My parents have good reason to check my stuff and interagate me though. Its their job.

It is especially worse when your parent is type 2 and they think they know how it is!!!!! Trust me on this!!!

But it is there their job, so I'm usually ok with it!!


my parents can drive me NUTS sometimes when they're always asking me what my blood sugar is, or reminding me to do things i already know to do! i just feel like they treat me like i have no idea how to handle my diabetes when i've had it for almost 2 years! i know they're only trying to help me and i should appreciate that a lot, and i do, but sometime i just wish they'd lay off

i know My mum gets on my nerves all the time!!

haha of course.


one time my mom even went through my trast can to look at the wrappers. she doesn't understand that things other than food can raise blood sugar. i'm like mom, really?