Alright well im in highschool, and honestly..its hard to resist a good party with friends. I dont want to be the one left out of all the fun . So is there a way i can attend one of these cool parties and not be pressured into drinking, and then have my blood sugar be out of control ??

Haha I was never the one to get peer pressured into drinking in highschool(I was usually the one doing it haha). But yeah there is. Just because you're going to a party doesn't mean you have to drink.

My mom told me a trick when I was in highschool that she uses to this day when she's at parties(she never drinks). Grab a diet coke(or another diet drink like sprite, whatever you drink..even crystal light). If people ask you why you're drinking pop, tell them there's some rum in it(or if it's a clear or juice drink, tell them it's vodka). Worked for me the nights I couldn't drink because my levels had been too high, or I had to be up and at work for 5am the next day. People usually leave you alone then. Just sip it all night.

But really, you don't NEED to fake having a drink in your hand..but you'll probably have something on you anyways, so if it means they leave you alone cuz they think you're drinking..then what's a little white lie?

And the occasional drink isn't going to kill you as long as you're smart about it. Check often and avoid "b*tch drinks" at all costs...cider is alright..better than those bacardi drinks..if you don't wanna drink beer or mix pop with hard alcohol. The most important one of all though is to make sure you are with friends who are a) reliable, b) know what to do if you get too high or go low and start to pass out or get sick(in otherwords..they know to call 911 and your parents) and c) aren't planning on getting heavily drunk themselves.

If have any questions, you can always give me a shout. I've been managing my diabetes while drinking since I was 14.

thanks ! thats a good trick !!

ill definitely give you a shout !

Those are good tricks batts!! :) handy

Yeah definitely agree with Batts on that tip. Another good one is that you are DD for the night (not sure if you can use this one yet) works excellently when you get to college. But if you do drink, some things that I have learned. Always eat something with a some protein and a little carbs before drinking. I know for me that if I get drunk, the next morning I will definitely have a small low (about 70 ish). I always go to bed with a blood check and some more food in my stomach. I always party with friends who know the situation but never completely rely on them. Diabetes is your responsibility if you choose to drink. Also about the type of drinks, usually I do some kind of diet soda and hard liquor because the soda has no carbs like juice and hard liquor doesn't have all the carbs that beer has. But the problem with that is that unless you do the measuring with a shot glass everytime you make yourself say a rum and diet coke you can't know the exact amount you put in (you don't make the drinks at bars so you can't know how much they put in). With beer you always know the exact amount of alcohol that you get. Oh and safe tip that you probably already know: don't accept any open drinks from strangers or mix your own with strange alcohol bottles that have already been open. That's just safe habits and by making your own drinks you can always control how much goes in.   

I'm glad I found this site because I only know one or two other people my age with diabetes and it's nice to have people to relate to on this topic.  I was diagnosed exactly one week before my 21st birthday so it was a huge adjustment for me as it relates to alcohol.  I guess I've just learned how my body reacts to certain drinks, and you may have to do that as well.  My biggest advice just repeating what's already been said, and that's make sure you have reliable people around you, and you DON'T have to drink.  I personally avoid any really sweet drinks.  I usually mix sugar free soda or drinks with just liquor, or drink light beers, like Michelob Ultra, but this has that downside that I haven't eaten enough my blood sugar WILL drop.  Again, for me, it was just trying to get accustomed to how my body will react under different circumstances, and I also have a girlfriend that's a Public Health Major right there beside me MAKING me check my glucose levels.  Again, you're in high school, so you're under 21, so I'm telling you that you shouldn't drink, but I'm also not naive and I'm not saying I didn't, just be careful, slowly learn how your body reacts, and if you need a way out of peer pressure, just tell your friends that you're diabetic.  :)  I've become pretty good at making someone feel pretty bad about themselves if they try to pressure me into something that could be harmful in relation to my diabetes. :) Just food for thought...