So, I don't like parties, and I never have. But when my friends are partying, I want to hang out with them. I used to drink with them and then i'd have an okay time, instead of just being annoyed that everyone was loud and stupid, but then I was diagnosed.


Tonight my house is having a party, and they're loud and annoying and I want to hang out, but there are so many people and they are all overwhelming, and i've considered drinking, but my BS has been really low for the last two days, so i'm nervous that if i get drunk it'll go low and i won't think to test cuz i'll be drunk. I also don't know who I can ask to keep an eye on me, cuz most everyone is drunk, and that's not anyone's responsibility. 


It's so frustrating to have to change the way I do everything! Being 19 was hard enough (actually I was 18...) when I wasn't worrying about my sugar, and it's so hard to feel like I have so little support around me. No one understands diabetes, and my friends think that I'm trying to lose weight and that I am too obsessed with counting carbs, but I'm actually just trying to be alive! I wish I could ask someone to remind me to test without having to explain the feedback mechanisms of glucagon and how my liver plays a role, and what to do if I seem out of it (and not just drunk...) because I'd like to drink. But really, i'd rather be healthy.


Thanks for being here to rant to.

hey ajax, I know how you feel. I wasn't a big drinker before I got diagnosed, but now I don't at all. I've only had diabetes since december, and I have tried to drink once back in march but I had a bad experience so I don't even want to do it all now. it does suck cause sometimes you just want to join in on the fun with everyone, but at least now there is always a designated driver to drive all the drunkies =) I'm sorry that your friends aren't more supportive of you though, maybe you could sit them down and really explain everything to them so they don't think you are just being weird. hang in there though, things will get better!

Hey Ajax,

You should be damn proud of yourself for exercising your judgement and doing the right thing tonight.  Drinking in order to fit in with a group of people who you describe as loud, annoying and stupid just doesn't make sense.  This is not the right time and place to experiment with something new.

Now, having said that first, I would be fooling you if I said that diabetics absolutely can not drink.  Diabetics can drink in moderation.  Drinking can be very risky for anyone, not just a diabetic.  Being drunk can impair your judgement, possibly resulting in an auto accident.  Alcohol is a depressant.  In the long run it does not make you happy.  And finally, you run the risk of becoming an alcoholic, and this can literally destroy your life.  Diabetic or not.

What I suggest is that you get together with a friend or two you respect and can trust.  So do this on a quiet evening and explain to them that you would like them to remind you to test your blood sugar every hour or so, or especially if you're acting confused.  I suggest you consider a slightly higher blood glucose target of say 150 mg/dl instead or 90-100 while you're drinking.  Just drink enough to feel a little buzz and then stop!  Don't forget to consider the carb content of whatever you're drinking and bolus appropriately.  Definitely do not drink on an empty stomach and drink (nurse) your drink slowly.

You should always try to test something new under controlled conditions.  There was a post recently about marijuana.  The same things hold true for that if you want to smoke it.  Test under controlled, quiet conditions with a couple of friends you can trust.  It's best if you do not have to drive home.

You obviously have a lot of common sense.  Keep using it.


Stay well.



Hey Ajax -

Paul and Vered had some great suggestions for you and I agree with them.    It is very frustrating - ur right.  This is the time when you do find out who cares about you and who is a real friend.  Like was said earlier - talk with a few of the guys while just hanging out somewhere - make it casual and tell them what's on your mind and what you are concerned about when you drink.  It doesn't mean they have to stop drinking but make sure at least one is in good enough shape to keep an eye out.  If they are a friend, they won't have a problem doing that.   I was lucky, I met a group of guys in college that I'm good friends with today.  They didn't really understand what I was going through but had enough sense to be there for me.  Those are the type of people you want around you.  It may take some time, but you'll find that there are people out there that don't have T1 who care - just be patient with it.

Be well.

just shortly after i was diagnosed there was a party that most of my close friends were going to and i was still at the point where i didn't want to accept that this was here to stay, so i stayed up all night and got really drunk from tequila and when i woke up i could barely walk let alone think straight, i wondered down into the office of the dorms i was staying in and ate brownies and anything i could get my hands on because i wasn't thinking about the affect they would have on me and when my friends found me passed out in a chair and tested me my bg was 500 !! thank god i have good friends or i dont know what would have happened to me. anyways the whole reason i said this is so that anyone who is diabetic that is planning on drinking tequila because it has no carbs should think again because maybe it is not bad for you but it will dehydrate  you and that is not a pleasant  feeling ....... trust me

my first party i went to wasnt all that but i did drink and my sugars wern't affected and it wasnt just beer there were spirts too but they didnt affect me i dont get it ?

i was told alcho would?


This is from my own experience...I was in college and let loose. I managed to graduate with two degrees...but it was the first time I really got into the whole party scene, and it was not due to anyone really putting pressure on me. I personally, after the hell that followed, don't drink, don't smoke, don't do any of it. I was one of those people who can't just drink until I get a buzz and then stop.

You are a young adult and will learn what is within reason and what is not for you. Keep in mind that drinking...if it feels like a release, if it is something that you think about doing even when past events have been bad...might not be right for you. Alcohol can (I say can because some people don't react this way) make you not care as much about the things that you need to care about. Just imagine, if that is what happens to you, how insulin might look, or checking your blood sugar, or eating...all things that should be thought of most especially when drinking...

Another thing: insulin and alcohol, for me, well...I got to where I didn't care, then I would go by feel. Alcohol made my BG spike. I'd feel, in my less than perfect state, like my BG was high, then I would act, and then later, the exact blood sugar would plummet. And it's even worse...lows in that state. The opposite can happen if you react like I can also forget about little things like, hmm...where's my pump.

My story is very edited for this site. Please be safe. We don't get second chances sometimes. And for goodness sakes, if you don't want to drink, don't! You mention being nervous around people. That all by itself can cause alcohol to be too much like an answer.

While there are designated drivers, there aren't too many designated T1's that I've ever met. Be safe.