Okay so I was wondering how all of you handle the whole party situation.. 

I alwasy go to parties that i am invited too, of coarse I have to bring my medicine with me, but mainly only in case i am low. I never wat anything at the party, and my friends back me up and stick with me.. they do not eat anything if I cant.. we all drink water together too. Now when its about 10:15pm, I normally do a night time snack, i test my sugar, and thenme and ma friends eat, I take my shot after, and we continue to party,,so its basically nothing at all.. I love my friends for always staying by myside, and how they respect that I ahve thhis disease, and I hope all the betis kids have supportive friends taht truly care, and if you need a good friend im here ;)

College is definitely a party scene. I go out with my friends on fridays and saturdays and drink with them. I have found a way to do it safely. But for me, although my friends know I have diabetes, they have absolutely KNOW idea what I go through everday. They are just clueless, it doesnt matter how much I explain the disease, it doesnt do it any justice. I just feel very alone at school. Anyone going through this at college?

hey just remember before the party you might want to take extra insulin because one beer=50 carbs and those smirnoff ices have even more! so be careful!

Allison one beer does not have 50 carbs. the average is about 10 grams! 

I go to parties most weekends with my friends. I'm not going to lie, I drink when I party, but like Jessie, I've figured out how to manage it. I always go with friends though, just in case, and my parents or sister or someone knows where I am.

I make sure I eat a lot before I go to a party, so I don't usually eat when I'm there. I'd just rather not have to deal with it.

I generally don't take insulin when I drink, but the beer I drink usually has like 2 - 10 carbs each.

I have to agree, if one beer had 50 grams I would have had some very bad nights. I don't usually drink the sweet drinks like smirnoff ice. (they taste bad anyways) I usually either have light beer or I will mix vodka with a diet drink. I like rasberry vodka and diet sprite =] Also I find it helpful when drinking wine to mix diet sprite with it to make it a seltzer. That way, you think your drinking just as much wine as everyone else, it taste good, and you don't have the whole blood sugar thing to deal with.

I drink at parties as well. Although its not the smartest thing to do with diabetes, we shouldn't miss out as long as we are safe and responsible. My friends are well aware that I have diabetes and for the most part understand. Sometimes it gets difficult if we are playing a drinking game and I feel I can't continue, they kind of agg me on but that's when I have to pull the diabetes card, lol.

I think it also helps that I have an insulin pump. I have figured out that I need no more than three drinks (even though sometimes its hard to limit myself). I am still coherent enough to take insulin if need be and check my blood sugar if I feel funny. As long as I have a little bit of juice or coke with my drink I'm fine.

Also, when my boyfriend is in town I don't have to worry as much because he knows almost as much as I do about diabetes. We've been dating almost as long as I have been diagnosed and were friends before that. He and my other guy friends have actually given me shots before! Those are true

What worries me, is that my BG gets really high while drinking and then goes on the lower side by morning. I know that that is the effect of alcohol but I definitely worry about my A1C's ...


I mix hard liquor with a sugar free drink. works quite well. when i am under 150, i use juice. i too get nervous about going to bed after drinking. you just never know

The American Diabetes Association has some good tips if you are going to drink:

I find it difficult to go out and "party." I can't distinguish a low (something I'm prone to from constant training/exercise) and a buzz. I end up having to down a pepsi 'cuz I'm at like 40 or so. Plus, I end up meeting someone new, and neglecting my treatment. I won't take a shot I need b/c it seems inconvenient or it will ruin the connection or w/e. Idk, This is something I'm working on, but I agree, always tell someone you are with you have Diabetes. Sometimes it seems easier to stay home, but that's usually no fun :) Blah

I am the same way... I drink occasionally at school but definately do not go overboard just because i am so scared something would happen and I am the only one who would know what to do but would be too out of it to actually take care of myself. I know it's hard but I guess it just makes me feel better knowing other kids are out there doing the same thing I am. I test a lot and know what sort of drinks do what to my body too which helps but doesn't help the fear of something happening. I always just test before bed and make sure my  friends have at least an idea of what to do when I say something. If you need someone to chat I'm here! Hope this helped :)

Yeah I'm going to school now and I drink occasionally when I'm at parties which i go to alot of.  I usually drink light beer which the can says have only 6 grams of carbs.  So i usually dont take insulin with it because the alcohol usually brings my sugar down anyway so Ill have like a pepsi or something during the night to counteract all the alcohol and check my blood alot.  Usually works well for me.  But its easier for me if I do need to take a little insulin because I am on a pump.

I try to keep it to just Saturday night and maybe on friday.  But I do drink, I do have a good time, I just pay attention to what im doing. Like a few of you, I eat before I get there just to avoid taking a lot of insulin.  Its just so hard having been diagnosed at 18, and I had already been drinkin and partying in highschool, changing everything is tough sometimes.

but its weird because most people I have talked to, go low when they drink beer, but with me, I go high, everytime, regardless of what it is or what kind of beer haha, so I have learned that Im still gonna have to check my self every few hours, and I do keep on this.  The key is to not drinking to the point where you are going to black out, just be smart, and make sure your friends know what the deal is too.

I was talking to my Endo, and she told me that the reason it is not safe for us to drink is because the liver helps with the distribution of insulin and everything, and when we drink our liver focuses its attention on the alcahol and forgets about the insulin, so having too much in our system could be dangerous, and she said infact, ANYONE who blacks out from drinking it is actually because they are experiencing hypoglycemia ( sorry about the spelling ). so once she told me this, I started to be even more careful.

^ that was helpful for me

I am the world's worst diabetic when it comes to parties.  I would shoot up my lantus for the night and not think about BS or insulin again until the next day.  I never had a problem with lows or highs.  Of course who knows because most of the time I was quite intoxicated.

HA, joe, not surprising ;o)

i was also a horrible diabetic. i'm allergic to beer so i always drank hard liquor and i always mixed it with something incredibly sugary and rarely ever checked my blood sugar. a few times i got alcohol poisoning and went to the hospital in the 500s. i don't recommend it. it's expensive, embarrassing, and pretty scary for the people you're with.

do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what i did and hopefully things will turn out better for you :o) basically, don't follow my advice.

With any type of partying we really need to take care of how we take care of our selves. If drinking is to happen, it is very important to test and see how the alcohol affects you. This does not include the drunken issues, but it is so much better to be safe than sorry. Alcohol affects us all differently. When it comes to just the food aspects and not the drinking. It is better to test if you are grazing the food alot. It is amaxing how fast the extra food adds up on you.