Passing it on

Well im 17 and i love kids, in the future i would love to have mini me's but i was wondering. You kno how Diabetes is genetic, what are the chances of one of my kids having diabetes and should i really be that afraid.

Type 1 isnt necessarily passed from generation to generation. So, you shouldnt have any worries about that. But if it was to happen at least you already know how to take care of it.

There's research out there that if the mom has type 1, the chance for any offspring is about 5 percent.  If the father has type 1, the offspring's chance is around 4%.  I used to have the links but I have somehow misplaced them.  The risk is low... and I personally thought it was worth it.  Of course, I ended up with a child with type 1, too.    It's a personal decision on whether to have kids or not, and I think it's great that you are thinking about these things.

Well how bout uncles and granparents. In my family im not the only one that has type 1, my older brother has type 1and that is supposely rare for siblings to have t1, and supposely our younger brother has a good chance of having it too because sumthin bout me and my brother adding to the chances and the fact that my mom had stational(spell check) diabetes when she was pregnant with my lil yea i guess the chances are low but i dont really want my kids to have this. But hopefully there wud be a cure by then

Don't worry about things like that...  grow, have children, and IF they were to develop diabetes, who better to teach them aobut it? 

I had diabetes 25 yrs before I had my daughter.  Now, she is 17 and NOT a diabetic. 

If you're that worried about passing it on you can always adopt



First, I would encourage you to remember that while there appears to be a genetic predisposition to diabetes, there are other factors involved.  You won’t be able to guarantee your child(ren) avoid any disease (even if you adopt)…


As an older member and a parent, I can say this is an area where hope, prayer and controlling the things you can and letting the rest go are important lessons… 

There is some good coverage on the numbers aspect of your query here:


I encourage you to enjoy, date, find a wonderful loving wife and work on the rest as it presents itself – you have plenty of time and you will see a lot changes in management and more in a few short years…




I found this link
It outlines the odds of passing on type 1 diabetes.

I find it really interesting that babies born to (type 1) diabetic mothers 25 years or younger have a 4% chance of being diabetic, but babies born to diabetic women 25 and older have only a 1% chance of being diabetic...

Also interesting: According to the JDRF, 90% of children with type 1 diabetes have no relative with the disease.

Hi Isaac,

As others have mentioned, please don't worry about things you cannot change.  Children are wonderful and eventhough I actually developed Gestational Diabetes (Diabetes during pregnancy) which continued after my son was born into Type 1 diabetes I would still have had my son.

As far as passing it on to your children, there is a chance but who better to deal with it than a parent who is diabetic themselves.  My father and brother are Type 1 diabetics so having grown up with it all my life when I developed it at least I knew more about Diabetes than most people who never heard of it.

I pray my son will not develop Diabetes but if he does, I will be there for him to teach him and support him.

So go ahead and have kids and as the expression goes, "Don't worry, be happy" will all work itself out in the end.

Yea i see what you guys are tryin to say...Thanks so much for the help!!!

I have been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters, 23 and 16. Neither have developed any symptoms, nor can I even worry if they did. The thought of not having any children, because I am a diabetic, never crossed my mind.

Living life to the fullest, even after 45 years with the BIG D :-)

Sad to report that since my last comment on this posting in 2009, my son DID become a Type 1 diabetic a in November 2010 a month before his 9th birhtday.  I do believe there is a genetic component as I know many families with multigenerational diabetes such as in my family.  THat being said, I know many parents who are diabetics whose children are fine and families where the parents were not diabetic and their children still got it.  I just was in contact with a mom whose son developed Type 1 diabetes at age 3 and TWO MONTHS later her 10 month old son was also diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes WITH NO FAMILY history.

So all you can do is make an informed decesion and see what is right for you.