Pasta or gastopersis?

So here’s the thing. I’m having a crazy hard time when I eat pasta. I seem to absorb it rather slowly sometimes and then sometimes I have a really quick spike. It’s been the same brand of pasta and same weighed serving each time. Does anyone split bolus their pasta or see something similar? Also, I’m curious if anyone has gastoperisis. I don’t feel like I fit the symptoms for the most part but sometimes I feel like I’m having delayed gastric dumping since I see spikes at the 1 hour mark or later sometimes versus 15-30 minutes after eating. Even with lows, 15 minutes for 15 grams of carbs will raise me slightly but typically not more than 10-15 points. Is this normal for everyone else or is it worth bringing up my concern of gastopersis to a doctor?

@Tee25 I cannot say for sure, but for the Gastrophorisis symptoms, it may be the type of food your eating or just what your body is doing that day. Some foods will cause a later spike than others in different people. When it happens, you could write down what it was that you ate, drank, etc. It could also be that you may have been more active one time when you ate it and not the other time. There unfortunately are a lot of factors. Check with your doctor, but I don’t think that it is bad to spike a little later as long as you come back down.

As for the pasta, that is unfortunately just how some foods are. Again, it is a little different for everyone. Pasta has never bothered my blood sugar much, but rice will do exactly what you are describing. I don’t have a cgm, but I can generally feel my spikes and I test to see. Rice will either absorb slow or I have a quick and pretty high spike for the same serving size and brand. Usually, it can depend on my exercise that day or how much water I drink before and during that meal. It took me a lot of writing stuff down to figure that out.

Hope this helps!!

Pasta is wheat. By itself it’s just like bread. What are you putting on the pasta? Fats such as an olive oil, butter, tomato sauce with oil or animal fat, causes the carbs in the pasta to absorb very slowly. My own meat sauce can delay carb absorption by 3 hours. I typically use a dual wave (a little now and then the rest over time) in my pump. You can’t really simulate a square wave using mdi.

Others describe the fat as causing insulin resistance. A high fat mixed meal causes both delayed carb absorption and you’ll need more insulin for the amount of carbs.

You can figure it out if you have patience and a good notebook and probably more patience. :four_leaf_clover:

Okay so I’m not crazy! I guess I never would’ve thought that tomato sauce would be enough to slow it but eating it with Italian sausage too I can totally see how that would be enough fat to cause delayed carb absorption.

You’re right I definitely need more patience :joy::joy: and a solid notebook to make notes but I’m definitely going to try a delayed bolus and see what happens. I’m about to be at the 3 hour mark and as predicted my blood sugar is slowly climbing which would make sense with fat slowing the absorption.

Thanks for the reply!

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Taylor @Tee25 , in addition to weighing pasta for calculating carbohydrates, you should also consider how much it has been cooked. For instance, “el dente” has more carb than the same weight amount as soft or well-cooked.

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