What do you charge per hour for babysitting? I do $6 per hour, I'm wondering if that's too little (or too much?). I asked for $10 per hour once and the lady thought that was way too much, so I took it down. Also, I don't do the "per one kid" thing, it's just $6 for one or two kids.


Because it's a specialized skill, I charge over $10 an hour, especially if it's two kids.

I just charge 4 dollars and hour no matter how many kids. and Depending on how well i know the person it is cheeper...

It really depends on where you live.... I live in a really affluent area so the babysitting rates are from $8-$10. Mostly I let the parents decide. They sometimes ask me a range and I'll tell them but in this area $10 is mostly the going rate.

Funny thing, the kids who I love to babysit because they are good and amazing give me $10 while the families I don't like babysitting cause the kids never listen only pay $8. :)

I charge 6 dollars an hour too. I always wondered if that was a good amout. But it is after school everyday so i think it is a good amount by the end of the week. Maybe you could just add $1 per kid if there are more than two.

I charge $3 for one and $2.50 per kid if more

The price depends on where you live. If you live in a high income neighborhood you can afford to have your prices start at minimum wage. If you live in a neighborhood with alot of military families money can be tight sometimes so 5 dollars/hour is more practical. Of course there is always the extra dollar you get to tack on if you're cpr certified or babysitter certified through american red cross. Prices vary depending on experience as well. younger babysitters(12 years old) should start at about 4 or 5 dollars for military and 6 or 7 dollars for high income. My rates are as follows below:

-5 dollars per hour for up to 3 kids (ages 2+)

-5 dollars extra every hour for each kid after the 3rd

-10 dollars per hour if there are 2 or more infants

Families I babysit for find my prices more than fair and these are the prices I've found to be very effective.

I am babysitter certified but because I live in a neigborhood of military and low income families I charge below minimum wage(until i charge 10 per hour)(even with 4 years of babysitting experience!)

Hope this helps with info. :) Feel free to message me with questions. :)