PCOS and T1D

Are there any ladies out there with both pcos and T1D? I’d like to hear your storie & experiences if you’re willing to share!?
I’ve come off the pill about a 5-6 weeks ago after 6 years on it and my body doesn’t seem to be as capable coping with fatigue, motivation and I feel like I go through more moods than I typically would have. In saying that I am aware of it, I try to keep control over them and amdriven now try and help myself a bit more with my health. I’m early 20s, so a family will hopefully in the plan in a few years time.

Hi! Personally, I don’t have both diabetes and PCOS, BUT I do have a friend who does and she posted a website about it here: https://blogmoretothestory.com/2016/07/06/another-journey-begins-diabetes-and-pcos/

I hope this helps!