Hello everyone! Are there any Type Ones with PCOS who are TTC or have already conceived? My doctor said I have it  (I am not fully convinced yet for several reasons. ) But just thought I could use some support from you ladies. Thank you!

Hi, I have not conceived as of yet. I got diagnosed with PCOS yesterday actually and we are trying to get ready to have a baby. So, I guess we will see what other challenges this brings us. :/ I'll let you know things that i'm going through, if that helps. I have NO idea on what to expect.

Hello! I was diagnosed yesterday too. Yes we can see what this will bring! I have not been put on any medication yet. My husband has to do his 'testing'.

I am wondering if this is what I have. I have been off of birth control since January and TTC. I didn’t have a period for 3 months, so I went on Provera, which made it start up again for 4 months, although each month my cycle got longer and I never ovulated. I completely missed my period this last month, and I took a test to confirm that I’m not pregnant. I’m meeting with an OB/GYN the beginning of November, so hopefully we can figure out what’s wrong. So far I’ve been chalking it up to my body trying to rebalance itself after being on birth control for 9 years, but I’m starting to think it may be something else.

Erica, sounds like something I had gone through. When I stopped taking birthcontrol after 7 years my body was way out of the loop. I didn't have a period for close to 6 months and then it came for 3 months without stopping at all. I missed months and it came for a day and then gone for a month. It was a mess. It sounds like this may be PCOS, but at the same time it could simply be you still have birth control running through your body from the previous. Good luck. I hope everything turns out in your favor!

I was on birth control for about 12 years. From what I read online, once you stop, you stop. There is not a really period of 'getting it out of your system'. But not sure about the rebalancing. That very well may be the case!! I do not remember if I had irregular periods before BC, I just know I had badddd cramps. My mom said my period always came but just different times.  But she said it never like fully skipped. Keep us posted!

I think it might be the type of birth control, I was on Depo. I guess to rebalance is correct because they told me it could take up to a year for me to be fertile again. It's all so crazy and hard to figure out.

Emily and Smiley, thank you so much for sharing your stories. It really helps to just talk to someone about it!

Emily: Very true!! I was on the pill.

Erica: You are very welcome! This site has been wonderful for me!!