Im T1d since for 20 years, recently diagnosed with PCOs accidentally on pelvic US bases when i was visiting dermatology clinic for Hirsutism and Allopecia management…I have irregular periods, facial hair but im average weight BMI 22…I am not planning to get pregnant but I want to ask if I should consult GYN endocrinologist and get treatment or is it okay with PCOs !!! my latest HbA1c results are not good… My recent blood sugar measurements are frequently high…Is PCO related to uncontrolled diabetes and can it worsen its outcomes or bring earlier complications ??

PCOS can cause insulin resistance and just because we have type 1 that doesn’t mean we are immune to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can cause a lot of issues with your blood sugar so you may want to speak to your endo about the diagnosis. Some people with T1D have started to use metformin which is also used to treat PCOS.

There are some other issues that can come up if you don’t treat PCOS. If you Google PCOS and diabetes, the ADA’s site gives you a short overview.

Sorry for the diagnosis! I’m worried I’m may be having the same issue.