PDM security

One more post from our somewhat stressful vacation: we had allowed our son to keep his cash in the Omnipod kit thinking it was one less thing to have to keep an eye on. However he left his kit in a public library computer station while he went to the bathroom - and when he got back it was gone. (I know, I know, he's not going to do that anymore). After several hours and a discussion with the police and various kids in the library I went into the bathroom and heard the PDM beeping in the garbage can - the thief had taken the kit in there, removed the cash and thrown the $500 PDM away. 

We're thinking maybe the kit would not have been taken in the first place if it hadn't had cash in it... any thoughts and have others had theft issues?

In any case thanks for listening - Heather

I don't have an Omnipod, so no experience with the PDM, but I'd guess that a lot of people might think that it looks like a cell phone or something. Leaving it sitting out in public probably isn't a very good idea, even without a wad of cash. People do some crazy things.

I'm glad you found it though!!

I haven't had any theft issues - but it is definitely one of my fears.  My daughter has only been on the omnipod for a few months.  I want to put a label of the case that says "This is NOT a cell phone, it is a MEDICAL DEVICE"....but my daughter says this would embarrass her (and I can understand that). 

So glad you found it!

I just put a post in the Pump users forum....have you had any problems with high sugars after pod changes?  


I was afraid of the same thing.  I just recently put a note one mine that says..."If lost, please return to Sharon McDonald, my phone number and This is NOT an electronic toy!  This is a Personal Diabetes Manager.  It keeps me alive and it is my lifeline!  THANK YOU!"

Hey Melissa - no we haven't experienced that - but yesterday for the first time a pod just gave up and alarmed continuously - wasn't due to be changed until today so I don't know what was wrong with it. My husband had to hit it with a rock to stop it from alarming in the garbage can :-)

has it gotten any better with the highs after changing? - Heather


That so happend to me a couple of weeks ago.  Don't know why it alarmed but it just would not stop.  Put it in the garage and could still hear it in the house.  =-)

yeah the only thing that worked for us was the rock :-)  have a good day - Heather