Peanut butter, honey & banana sandwich

how many carbs do you think are in a peanut butter, honey & banana sandwich? My boyfriend decided he didn't want his, so he gave me the one I made for now I have two.(though I probably won't eat both haha)

One is on Squirrely "Steady Eddie" which is 17g per slice (34g total) and one is on white bread that's listed as 14g per slice (28g total)..which is easy enough but I can't decide how much I should est. the carbs in the content of the sandwich to be.


I don't think I've eaten this type of sandwich in years, long before I switched from set doses to carb counting.

i have no idea how much honey and banana were used, so i'm going to guess around 45g of carb.

haha Im so bad at estimating how much i used of honey, peanut butter and banana (I guess like half a large one for each sandwich) cuz i was never raised to pay attention to whether i used a tablespoon or a teaspoon or whatever.