Peer Pressure

Does having diabetes at any age,make it harder to resist peer pressure,or does it make no difference at all ?

I think it's easier to resist.  I am 21 and my friends still peer pressure everyone into drinking if they aren't.  They never really bother me though because they know that I have a good reason to not.  With other things too, not just drinking.

When I was in school it did not seem to make any difference to me being diabetic or not.  I was the only one in my school that was diabetic and not alot of people knew that I was besides my few close friends. Also, I did not do alot of out of school activites, besides hanging with my few friends and a few different things here and there. I had a job on the weekends that I had to be at work early in the morning so going out and hanging out was not really an option for me.

But I don't think that it makes a big difference at all. As far as when you get older I wouldn't think that having diabetes would make it any harder to say no to peer pressure.


I believe it helps to resist peer pressure. In my mind, I already had/have enough to deal with, no need to add more problems.

I agree that it doesn't make a difference. If anything, people are more likely to leave you alone..but I didn't and still don't feel anymore peer pressure to do things. I don't think my diabetes made people pressure me more, if anything most of my friends pressured me less into drugs(doesnt mean I didn't do them though) than other people if they pressured at all(not really like them) because they were worried about what it would do.


I went through several years (15-20 yrs old) where I had extremely low self esteem mostly due to being diabetic. so peer pressure did effect me severly, because I tried to make it seem like I was not different. I look back on it now and realize I was crazy for thinking that way. but peer pressure is tough and just be strong and know that you are not olone in your struggles. alot of us have been there.

As was said above, diabetes didn't really affect peer pressure and if anything has made it easier on me.  The only time it got in the way and affected me was when I was younger in elementary school.  I think it's mostly because I didn't tell many people that I was diabetic and kids that young don't always know what diabetes is and how it makes you no different from anyone else.  As I got older things became much easier as I told more people about my diabetes and they began to understand what it was.  Now peer pressure is really easy on me because everyone understands that there are certain things I shouldn't do (for example drinking).

julia, thank you for writing that  - I completely agree