Pelikan Sun Lancet

Has anyone tried this deivce?  My 10 yr old is complaining about his fingers hurting and my 13 year hates to test.  So i am looking for different routes.

No I have not. Sorry!

Some of my friends tried it and said it really doesn't hurt.

i tried it at a diabetic expo last year.

if i hadn't seen the blood on my finger,  i wouldn't have believed it worked.

i'm completely in love with this device...i just wish it wasn't so darn expensive


I have never heard of it, but it does sound great for my twelve year old son. How much does it cost?

Oh check my forum titled "No More Blood :-(" I also am having the same problem, my fingers don't work anymore, and someone mentioned it on there. Also this forum might have other suggestions that are useful for you in terms of alternate sites/meters...the replies really helped me out!!

Oh and it costs $200 for the device and $15 for each set of 50 lancets. They have a website, you can check that out. My parents are looking into insurance options...

thanks- i am working with my insurance company on getting it covered.  we waste soo many test strips - that it should average out!