Pelvic floor disorders?

About a month ago I went to see a urologist for frequent uti’s. After some testing they found that I have a pelvic floor disorder (I think that’s what it’s called). Pretty much when I go to pee I tighten up my pelvic muscles not allowing myself to relax to let the pee come out. I sit on the toilet sometimes for about a minute or so before I actually start peeing. The doctor said that’s what’s causing my pain and the frequent urge to use the bathroom because I don’t get all the pee out. I also have a hard time with going number 2 and I think the doctor said it’s because of this. Of course they said that diabetes has played a part so I’m wondering if any other female diabetics have this problem? Can it happen to guys too? I’m suppose to go to physical therapy to try to correct this problem but I don’t see how pt is going to fix this problem.

I’m seeing PT in August for a pelvic disorder but mine is because of bladder leakage and I’m only 32! So while it’s not the same thing as you, I feel your pain. My Dr told me what PT entails for issues like this (needing to strengthen the pelvic muscles) and I’m a little nervous!

I was looking up treatments today and I’m nervous too. The site I was reading said internal muscle massages may be done…what?! The one test I got done had a catheter stuck in me where I pee and then some other device stuck near my anus (tmi) and I think a balloon type thing was put inside my vagina. With all these tubes and devices stuck in me and on me I had to pee into this bucket type thing in front of a nurse. It was so embarrassing and so uncomfortable! I’m not looking forward to PT for this issue

When my PCP was talking about PT to strengthen the muscles, she said part of it includes holding weights up in your vagina. I was like “I do that at home, right?” She said it happens at the PT place too! I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself in to!

Oh boy! I am not looking forward to this at all. Do you think these problems could be related to diabetes in some way?