Hey so im brand new to t1d and this site im 18 and i have only been diabetic for a month i would love to have a penpal/ friend that can actually relate and help me with advice so if you are interested let me know thanks

Hi Ashley! My name is Caroline, I’m 19 and I love writing letters. I’ve only had diabetes for a few years, but I’d love to talk with someone :slight_smile: Would you rather email or send actual letters?

i would like to do actual letters but if you want to do email we can its all up to you

Hi @Ashley3550 and @carrie67,

You both can use this forum instead of giving out your personal information which can be dangerous in some situations. This is a site for you, and others to communicate on a daily basis about type 1 diabetes kind of like having a pen pal but 24 hours a day. If you have questions about how the site works please feel free to inbox me on here by going to my profile page @gina.


Hi Ashley! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have the opportunity to help a fellow diabetic so close to my own age :slight_smile: I will always be here to help you! You can message me ANY time and if you’re still interested in a pen pal, I’d be more than happy to work that out with you :smiley:

Best wishes!

how old are you @cw_bjorn1996?

I’m 18 :slight_smile: @bailey@20