Hey y'all!!

I was just wondering how cool it would be if I could get a pen pal or 2 or 6. I'm looking to get to know a bit more about how people live in the U.S.A or in other countries, as well as people in other Provinces of Canada. It would be nice to see how everyone copes with their diabetes in different climates, and Just what other Teens my age do in their spare time.

So if anyone is interested just send me a messege subject "Penpal" and add me as a friend. Im looking for teens ages 13-17 but if you are 11 or 18 or whatever and want to join in the (What I think) fun. Then feel free to messege me and Become my penpal. Doesn't matter if you're guy or girl its all cool :)

You can follow me on twitter if you want as well. its

KatTheStar :)

i would like to join lol im 13 and i live in texas but i was born in ny and diagnosed with diabetes in florida. v . v  x . x o . o

i would love to join in the fun!

i will love to join in the fun.

Kat i would love to be u penpal u can e-mail be at or u can e-mail on here