People are not getting more understanding!

I know everyone thinks people are getting so much more understanding but they’re not. They just throw all types of diabetes on the same truck. There is type one, then type two ( which people don’t even realize that some people get it from their genes and then others from obesity) and then like 3 others that ae each a little different. The point is people just respond with " so you just need to watch what you eat right" NO I HAVE TO WATCH EVERTHING, because the weather, the day, my stree level, the time of day, and about 1000 other things effect if. For heavens sake if you go to new surroundings you might go low.
Another real favorite is when people compare me to their boyfriend half brother uncle dad or 5th cousin twice removed who in their mind never when that high and what is wrong with me be ause it obviously all my fault and I should go to the doctor who can cure all my problems…
Or when people say why is that happening you should take better care of yourself.

It’s people like this that make me call out of work with “a stomach bug” because I don’t want to say I’m too drained to move at the moment because something went wrong. And when I do have a bug I still call to, why? Because I’m not like other people. I can’t just “push through it” and have warm soup at my desk for lunch. As everyone here knows your levels play a game on you when your sick, and that’s before you even try having soup…

Taking a job offer isn’t as simple as I need the job or I like it. Because everyone else might get away working themselves to death getting up at crazy hours and running out of the house without breakfast and eat a microwave meal…but. I don’t know about other diabetics but when I try doing that I’m 300 by the time I get to work - and I didn’t even eat yet!!!

I’m just so tired of trying to explain to people who just cannot understand…
One person asked well really what do you have to do. " we’ll for better controll I’m testing more often and counting all the carbs and making home made meals and exercising more often for less insulin resistance " and then they answer oh that doesn’t sound like to much you can do it if you really have too.
Well duh I have to but seriously figuring out that too exercise you have to take insulin because the stress will make you go high, but then you have to eat after and all this stuff. And it’s just a lot more because you can’t trick you mind into not being stressed and your trying to keep to many plates spinning!

Okay end of my rant, I just keep running into so many people that make me crazy and is feel like no one understands except for other people with something life threatening…

It’s like people go on and on about stuff like omg last night this and this happened whatndidnyou do. " oh I almost went into a coma and stayed up the rest of the night terrified to go to sleep. Completely normal"

Ok. Real end of rant. Sorry. Just need to sometimes right.

OH MY GOD I TOTALLY KNOW! Rant all you want. I love that it's not just me with ALL these feelings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Definitely not.  I feel the same.  I also don't answer posts that ask questions like Name 10 Good Things about Having Diabetes-because my answer would be there are NONE!

I know!!!!! It makes me positively FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! So sick of people not understanding. The media has made it a million times worse. I just want to start screaming at people half the time. It SUCKS!!!!!!!!

OK Casey7, you have to admit that diabetes makes you really good at math after all the carb counting and insulin dosing.  =)

The other thing diabetes does is teach you patience.  I've had it 36 years and still hear the same misinformation.  Even people I love who have known me for years will sometimes ask dumb questions.  Try to educate the people who want to learn, but ignore the ones who are incapable of it.

"I also don't answer posts that ask questions like Name 10 Good Things about Having Diabetes"   Snicker. Those types of posts irritate the snot out of me. It's kind of like a woman suggesting other women give 10 reasons why they like having their period! Not!

No people don’t understand unless they have type 1or2diabetes, or they grow up with someone that has diabetes. I work with the woman that blames me for what happens to my blood sugar. Or if I’m not feeling well there is no compassion. It’s not like I enjoy being diabetic.and the comercials make diabetes seem so easy I think that’s why people say the stupid things.

I have to deal with this from my whole family including my husband of 20 years…whatever. Nomatter what i say or do, they always forget everything & just act like i’m a normal 37 year old who can do all the same stuff everyone expects mee too. No, it doesn’t ever get easier, only for you if you are well educated on the subject, but the disease itself will probably ultimately kill most of us, so why are we wasting our short precious life we have here on earth being soo mad at everyone else when we know what to do & what we have to NOT look forward to for the rest of our lives here on earth when you just have to learn to appreciate the good things, moments, people, animals, nature, life in general. I have nothing without my family, no money(im broke), no material things(can’t take with u to heaven), not even happiness. So let it be known we are doing the best we know how to do with what we have, so leave us alone unless you want to understand & do something to help.k. I wish i could say this to so many people, but they won’t listen. I’m frustrated, tired, worried, in pain, depressed, and poor, but i keep going for my family against all odds

whenever i look up something about what some people do to control it better i always get these ads that say “cure for diabetes” and stuff like that one time i just wanted to see what they said and at one point the guy said “if you do this you will no longer be a burden to your families or friends” which would be nice but i don’t like someone saying it to me it made me really mad.

Before my diagnosis in Nov of 2013, I was a happy positive person, but now I find myself gloomy most of the time. What hurts is friends telling me I’m over reacting. they say, It’s not like I have cancer. I wonder what people say to cancer patients, at least you’re not dead? I mean, really, saying that doesn’t make me feel any better. Maybe it’s the fact that they don’t realize what a struggle it is. Even my friends who are type 2s telling me I worry too much and just to enjoy life. At the same time, I feel guilty for getting upset . Sometimes I listen to friends complain about medical costs and having to go to the doctor maybe twice a year, annual blood test and when they catch a little cold. I feel like being sarcastic and saying, oh, you want to trade? But I don’t, because then somehow I come off sounding like a witch. Reading these posts makes me feel a little better, to know my feelings aren’t uncommon.