People Good About Exercise

How often do you exercise and are you motivated to stick with it  ??   Thanks :)

That's easy!!! Sad to say never, I am so bad!!!!!!  Hi Meme. LOL

hi Keith , me either..I will start up with exercise then skip a day or 2 or more :(  then I fall back into zero exercise...I am coming off -Weight Loss Group-- on this question...Looking for tips ,ha... Habit...maybe that is what's needed,to put it into a routine and it will become habit....Now try that Keith and get back to me ,hahaha :)

I probably shouldn't answer this b/c I go in and out of phases of exercising in my life. But, as you already know Meme, I've started exercising again and I'm proud to say I have every day since Feb 20 except for 2 or 3 days I missed. What has kept me motivated is: 1. having arm muscles that you can actual see when i flex them -- my husband is getting annoyed with me insisting that he feels my arms but continues to humor me! and 2. after doing it for 6 weeks or so, I wasn't hurting as bad after and actually feel like it's a stress release. I've also been switching things around so I don't get bored.

What keeps me from doing it is the stupid internet!!! Someone should hide my computer!

I don't work out, but I exercise everyday. Almost everyday I get the boys to walk around the neighborhood with me. When my husband is home I will walk with each of them separately, double the exercise. At risk of embarrassing myself; if we can't go out due to weather or something I will dance along to one of their DVDs like The Wiggles or Barney. Good times. :) Then there's times we just run after each other. Other than the obvious motivation of enjoying my children, I was 50 pounds heavier when I was in my early teens and 30 pounds heavier just a few years ago. I don't want to gain that weight back.

Most days, looking in the mirror is all the motivation I need.  I'm a little too squishy right now.

I go to the gym for 1 hour a day between 5 and 6 times a week ...

I've been going now for over 1.5 years and I love it .. if i don't go the gym .... i can feel it .. my numbers seem to go higher at strange times


The best thing for me is the gym is on the 1st floor of where i work . so that makes it easy to go ... and they days I don't feel like going and I just push myself to go usually seems to be some of my better workouts ..


It takes awhile to make something part of your routine .. but once you do it .. you're gold