People. Just people

When people, especially my friends, freak out about my diabetes… oh my gosh. I (seriously) talk to myself. I don’t know why. But, sometimes I’ll say something like “Oh look it’s low again.” And my friends just say “Oh my gosh! Do you need something?! Do you need to go to the nurse? How low? I don’t know what that means.” But, then they walk away like nothing happened. I don’t get it! What just happened? I thought for a second that you were one of those over concerned people that were freaking out over something tiny.
Or, when I go to my best friend’s house, her mom tried to count my carbs for me, but she knows nothing about how much I need. She thinks I need the littlest amount possible. I can’t survive on ten carbs! It won’t work!

I remember not having diabetes. It was sooooooo much easier. No one freaked out about me having a low blood sugar. I also wouldn’t have to get up at midnight when I feel low (every other night.) I’d never have to bring a huge bag with me everywhere. I definitely would not have to be concerned about my stupid class destroying my meter or pen as the teachers make us put our bags against the wall. (I go to private school. No lockers for me!)
Can we just get a cure now?

im the same way. i got diagnosed a month ago and everyone is freaking out. they are bombarding me with questions and i know how to take care of myself but my family doesn’t get it. they won’t leave me alone! and im very independent for a 13 year old and they know i am but they won’t let me be who i am. i agree with you fully. when we weren’t diabetics, it was so much easier. diabetes isn’t a bad thing but it definitely isn’t a good thing.

Wish I could say it gets easier, but after 31 years with it, and hearing that a cure was “just around the corner” all that time, it is still a daily challenge. The good thing for young people is all the great tools we have now to help manage it. Meters and pumps are relatively new. I have to remind myself that this is MY diabetes, and I can’t depend on others to understand it, or to even want to understand it. It’s really complicated, and people mostly hear about Type 2 so it’s natural that they get confused. Come here as often as you want to connect with people who “get it”!

those who don’t have or have to deal directly with diabetes will never understand it. even primary caregivers don’t completely understand it. we do. I give people a break, I know they don’t get it so I say very little about it. I do not announce my low blood sugar. I try to fix my own servings at meal times. it’s just easier that way. my meter beeps and says 50, I say “oh it’s fine” and have juice or whatever, it beeps and says 275, I say “oh it’s fine” and correct. much easier than educating every single person on this planet along with friends and well-meaning people.

the cure? I figure there will be a cure eventually but it doesn’t excuse me from taking care of myself in the meantime. sorry it’s been rough for you, hope you can find support here around new friends that understand what you are gong through.

I don’t like how doctors and people who don’t have it think that they understand but that’s the thing they’ll never know until they actually have it. I just wish people knew that. you know?

Yeah. They’re all like "Oh, well your life must be awesome because everyone’s worried about your heath all the time. I wish people would pay attention to me."
But, really, life is SOOOOOOO much harder. They think everything that we do is just like… I don’t know… Fun?

No. It’s definitely not fun. No.

it’s never fun. and it never will be. you always have to have everything with you incase of a low or a high and I just wish that we were normal and didn’t have so much attention of us. life would be so much easier.