People like to take control

I don’t like the fact that people who don’t have type 1 diabetes 1st of think they know it all … 2nd I don’t like the fact that they give unwanted tips/advice . I’m the one with diabetes not them I know lots more than they do. All I ask is for is compassionate and support not to be controlled. I’m a grown adult but unfortunately I live with my parents and they don’t get it or even sometimes don’t want to believe something.

@loveables196 hi Michelle.

This is a tricky one. It’s tricky because it’s like the difference between controlling your reputation (how others see you) versus controlling your character (how you really are). There are things you cannot control such as your parents advice, and things you can control (your reaction to that advice).

Once they know how to push your buttons then they know how to get a reaction out of you.

The only help or advice I have is to try to understand where they are likely coming from (they likely don’t want you to have a disease and it’s likely that your disease makes them uncomfortable)and separate the thing they do from the people they are.

Anyway. I realized I can’t control others and so when someone says that I wouldn’t have diabetes if I just ate broccoli, I smile and nod and just agree instead of trying to justify, explain, or teach. It’s rule 2 of how to stay happy.

Hope you find peace


Hi Michelle @loveables196, I concur with what @Joe offers and especially “… you can’t control what others …”, One thing you could do when someone [a parent] “sugests” something for you is to smile, nod and let the suggestion roll off.

A more positive course you might want to take is from time-to-time provide your parent with an interesting article about diabetes that you read - and shortly later you could initiate discussion; see how far that goes or if the article has even been read. Or at a meal, say something like I can’t even guess the amount of carbs “in this potato …” and see what others offer [of course you will already know the carb value. I am fortunate to have supportive family but experienced many “know-it-all” folks who try telling me I’m not doing things correctly.

@joe thank you for the kind words it’s just frustrating sometimes and it’s not always my parents it’s people in general.

@Dennis thank you for the kind words.