People really just dont seem to understand

Okay so as some of you remember when i first joined t his site i was just diagnosed with diabetes and was having a time trying to get people to understand and not be well for lack of a better word stupid. So yeah pretty much nothing had changed i mean people shut up now becuase they know that there ignornce bothers me but anytime i try to do anything to help them they resist help its like they want to stay the way they are which is more frusterating.(SP.) So yeah I NEED help because people are buggung me big time. I mean i still have people that like "that has sugar in it you cant have it can you". On top of that crap mygrandmother has type 2 diabetes so she thinks that she knows everything about my diease even though they are like comparing oranges and aprocotes. Yes there both an oragnie color and yes there both friuet but they are differnt in so many ways. She isa always telling me what to do and how to do it. Also she tells me all the things that her doctor tells her to do and tht it will help me. She also is is like my sugar is never over 200 becuase i exersice. I tell her without insulin "in the honey moon stage and still havnt seen doctor bad i know" i could run all day then i eat anything she eats then run again my sugar would still be higher then hers. She acts like shes better then me becuase she can keep her sugar low and doesnt need medication includeing insulin. She doesnt seem to get its dif and shes not better then me. It makes me so mad. Shes always like i want to see prof of all this crap you talk about our diseases being differnt i think your just mad becuase you dont know how to manage your sugar there the same alesha get over it. IT MAKES ME SO MAD. how do i get to someone who doesnt listen.

Alesha I totally get where your coming from. My 10 yr old daughter was diagnose with T1 in june of this year. My mother has Diabetes but T 2 and acts just like your grandmother but even worse!!,she even told me that Diabetes was not a "Big Deal and to get over it,that my daughter would be fine"!!,I sometimes  just wish she could walk in my daughters shoes for a month,then she would see things differently!!! Ignorance is a POWERFULL thing, and a lot of people are.Some people are willing to learn,but you will sometimes find those who are not even the ones we love. You are the Teacher of this Disease and it is our job to spread the word!!! Don't let ANYONE Ever Bring YOU DOWN!!!

That is frusterating! Sometimes it is really hard to have people understand exactly what's going on with our bodies. Perhaps explaining to your Grandmother that A.) Everyone's body reacts differently to medication, exercise, yadda yadda. B.) Does she understand the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabeties?? From my general knowledge and understanding, Type 2 diabetes occurs mostly in obese people, but more importantly, Type 2 diabetes is when the pancreas still produces insulin, but not enough to keep blood sugar levels normal, so it is controlled with diet, and pill medications. Type 1 diabetes is where your pancreas doesn't produce ANY insulin. Type 1 is the harsher of the two types, and not controlled as easily!  Again...that is just the general stuff I know. Maybe you can suggest your grandmother to educate herself a little more on the two?

Best advice I can give after 49 years w/T1D is educate them every chance you have. Learn about T1D like your life depend on it...oh, that's right, it does.

As for you grandmother, drown here with questions about how to treat your T1D until she says, "I don't know." T1D and T2D, but she thinks differently and she may need a little education. 

When someone says " can't have that..." let them know what it is, what it's made of, the calories, the carbos, what you need to do to cover the food, why you won't or will eat it, and then ask "Do you know what T1D is?" If they have an answer, acknowledge it and give them more info about the 24/7 challenges, if they don't, educate them in every way. They will get tired of it and then the advice will stop. 

Whenever you can, do your BGs and Injections in front of them. It is quite intimidating for them to see the reality and if they hassle you, let them know you would love to trade the BGs and Insulin in for their pancreas. Because, that is exactly what the BG strips, lancet, the finger prick, the BG, the calculations for insulin, the insulin, the dosage, the injection, the post meal BG, the correction dosage...etc...etc. 

Go get ' are a T1D for now and you know more than anyone does about your own T1D. Hope for a cure and see if there is a JDRF or Peer T1D group in your area. It is an amazing and enlightening experience to be in the same room with a bunch of T1Ds. 

I most deffinetly know how your feeling with your grandma. My aunt is type two and shes always comparing her blood sugar to mine. its verrry annoying and frustrating. I have learned to just ignore what she is saying... easier said then done at times. but realy thats the only thing oyu really can do. Some people are really stubourn and wont listen when u tell them t2 is not the same as t1 so the only choice is to deal with it or try and ignore it as much as possible. Im always here to tlk if u ever need someone! GoodLuck