People to talk to?

Hi my name is Kyra and I was wondering if you want to talk and tell me about you and what not I am not that good at this stuff heh but please talk with me ^-^ p.s that’s a smiley face lol

Hi kiddo!
So glad to see you reaching out for support. My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed on Oct 2 and it has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. She felt so alone. Thank goodness for TypeOne Nation. She is making friends here and getting much-needed support. Being a teen with type1 is exceptionally hard. So many changes in the body as it is. Then throw the disease on top and…Wow!
How are you doing? If you don’t mind talking to a parent of a teen, I like to talk. Lol! I’m sure my girl would love to talk to you too. I’ll put her on the computer later today to say Hi. Chin up sweetheart. You’ve got this!

hey im Mercykd’s daughter. like my mom said I was diagnosed October 2 so if you or anyone else wants to talk, just message me and ill get back to you as soon as I can. :slight_smile:

Hi, i’m Josh. I’m Ashlie’s boyfriend by the way and i have t1d. i’m avalable almost all day so if you want to talk just give me a privite message

Hi Y’all you’ve prob seen me cuz im going through a rampage and replying to everyone and trying to make friends cuz who doesn’t love friends… anywho im Fiona 14years old in jan. and 12years diabetic Nov. 2014… TADAAA!!! wait what… I really like whatching old shows because MOST of the new shows are LAME!!! lol but not all hah! ummm… I have also had scoliosis (curvature of the spine) for 6 yrs and was in a giant plastic stupid brace (very uncomfortable) until this august I was supposed to get spine surgery in October where they put titanium rods in you until I was told I couldn’t. my a1c was too high and that increases risk of infection…I feel nerdy saying that…and rescheduled my operation to nov17 they checked my a1c then and I went from 9.7 to … 7.1!!! which was awesome in only a month!!! happy dance!!! so now I am recovering… still… oh well! plz friend me if you want to join an awesome teen group chat that I am going to set up YAy!!! wow ive written a lot awk…
BYE! Have fun!

Hey peeps I hope that you all find good friends that will always be there for you and help you through your emotions… and like I said earlier,you can message me anytime and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible…good luck with your numbers!!!