People who are cluless about diabetes

Lastnight i was at youth group and my small group was on the floor in a circle and  my small group leader asked me how my diabetes had been this week and i told her then a girl that i dnt really tlk to says your life must suck... and i was like why? and shes like well because u have diabetes so u must have had to workout alot to lose weight and get as skinny as you and people prolly dnt tlk or sit close to you because they dnt want to somehow catch that nasty disease... i started crying and got up and walked away.. after i had my couple mins to myself i went over and told her my peace of mind... i was like look theres two types of diabetes type 1 like me and type 2 for the over weight people and you cant catch diabetes and people tlk abnd sit by me all the time! and i was like got it?! and said unless you know what your tlking about dont say anything!....... Ik this was prolly not the nicest thing but im soooo sick of people acting like they know everything about diabetes when really they know NOTHING!!!!

I am sorry you had that horrible experience with that unpleasant girl. The best thing to do with people like that is educate them. Sadly, it's just ignorance and being uneducated that makes people act and say things like that. Don't take it too personal. Deep down inside you know having diabetes type 1 is NOT YOUR FAULT by any means. I remember when I was your age and it just felt so unfair to have diabetes. I would say,"why me"? Honestly though having it has made me a very health conscious and responsible person. It's a huge responsibility and one day if you become a parent you will already know how to care for someone and be responsible. Maybe you should contact your local jdrf chapter for support groups in your area. They really help cope with these sort of issues. Keep your head up and email me anytime if you need a friend.

Wow Amber sorry ya had to go through that..and i think all of us wouldve done the same thing of correcting her, some a little bit more harsh then this hasnt happen to me..yet..and idk what id say to the person...prob tazer them or something!! And you and Brooke are roght, it really is ignorance and it becomes really annoying when people think they know what they are talking about..and that whole thing about diabetes is contagious...i cant stand hearing people say that!!!

Thanks brooke your very right about ignorance! Its like teaching a wall to tlk!!!!

Thanks Jeff. u always help brighten my day :) and tazer is a little far buddy

tazers are fun if you know how to use them. But i know where your coming from Amber. people are just stupid mindless people tha tmake we wonder what they did during science class in school. but not everyones stupid of course but i have a list. 0.o

Hahaha cant say ive ever used a lazer :)  but yesss i agree charlie.

Well good Amber im glad i can help!! And haha, yea i guess your right, id get fired

Lol ya u dnt want to get fired and btw i commented back so get on it haha


I know when I was young and in my teens i did not want anybody to know I had diabetes.  My younger sister would tell her friends (probably because she was scared and didn't understand) and I would get very upset.  I would let the ignorance of others stop me -- that's sad.  How much did you know about diabetes before you had got it?  People are asking at times out of interest, concern, curiosity or other.

Take THAT opportunity, if you are so inclined, to teach.  A life time has taught me lessons ...some you will have to learn on your own, from experience.  But know that you can not control others - never - just learn to be comfortable with yourself - and that is far easier said than done!


WOOT TAZERS!!!!!!  i once tazered a 4 wheeler. didnt end well. ><

My father was a lot like your youth group friends"(which i am sure you realize real friends would never say such things) he said i spent too much time focusing on my diabetes and even said i used it as a crutch in my life. He was from the military and viewed most of my health issues as just an excuse or a sign of weakness.  Truth is anyone who does not have the diesease frankly can not nor will they ever understand what it is we are going through.  Ironically karma works in mysterious ways. My father was diagnosed with type two diabetes five months ago.  When he had his first severe low blood sugar and ended up in the hospital the reality of what i had been going through the last twenty one years hit him. He looked at me from his hospital bed and said," So this is what it feels like?"  I replied,"Yeah it sucks and the only difference is when i woke up there was nobody next to my hospital bed."  Ironic that my 52 year old father had to let his 28 year old son teach him how take his bloodsugar and take shots in the end.   In a way i think our diabetes has made us stronger, wiser, more sincere and compassionate people then others are mostly. I wouldn't  trade that for anything.  But everybody eventually reaches this understanding when they begin to realize their own mortality, sadly most don't realize it till they are in a nursing home though.  If people want to critcize me or look at me like i am weaker or inferior  becuase of my diabetes then I don't have the time to waste listening to or putting up with people like that. That is why i have a middle finger i like to say.  I am not going hide who or what i am much less sit there and pretend to be something i am not just to keep someone else happy.  Whenever someone trys to tell me bull about my health i chew them out and leave egg on their face. I grew up taking bull and being roughed up for being sick and unhealthy so i am not about to take it from anybody else and none of you should either. There is an old saying my grandfather taught me he learned at the end of World War Two.  "Ignorance is a silly thing but if left unchecked can lead to apathy.  Apathy if unchecked leads to hate and fear. Then hate and fear leads us to war and destruction."

Omg wow i am soo sorry. But im glad you were there for your dad even tho he put you through a hard time. Nobody in my family is diabetic and i dnt know any diabetic kids. Sometimes i feel all alone but then i member juvenation! But i get so frustrated because i tell my mom alot that she wouldnt want to take a shot every time she eats and shes like its not a bigg deal.. it makes me so mad because she doesnt know what i go through and when i told her what the girl did she was like amber its nothing.. she did nothing when really ya the girl did.. sometimes i wish she would get diagnosed for a week and see what i have to go through.

Amber, You did the right thing in trying to educate the person in your Youth Group. While you feel that you may have been a little harsh with her, I feel you did the right thing in trying to educate her. I am sure that she learned something that day, more so I am sure that she learned that if one is ignorant or not sure of what they are talking about to keep quiet. I am impressed with how you handled yourself though. Frankly, at your age if someone said that to me, I would have either ignored them without making an effort to educate them or used some choice words to tell them how I really felt about them. And if I had access to a tazer.... All are fair game. :-)

I can really relate to Michael's post.

There is a part of my family that isn't really living in this century. Their knowledge of diabetes is very limited because of certain beliefs that they hold. These people honestly believe that I am lazy and weak minded and that if I would conform to their way of life that my disease wouldn't be so bad. It is so sad and frustrating. Part of me just wants to tell them what's really up and another part of me never wants to never speak to them again. It is hard to walk that line in the middle.

To Amber -You are pretty brave. I never would have said a thing to that person ever again. I agree with what others have been saying sometimes educating others is your best defense.

Thanks Brian. Anmd the more people tell me i did the right thing i feel i did and dnt feel bad!