People who have switched from novorapid

when i go see my endo on the 22nd to take a look at my A1C and decide if i am going to stay with the pump or not(most likely not) i was thinking of asking him about switching to another short acting, either way.

right now i use novorapid in the pump, if i go back to shots i will be using lantus again with the novorapid. it's been about three, maybe four, years now on those insulins and while they were a HUGE improvement over N and R..I'm wondering if I might get a better result with a different short acting?

My blood sugars, even with the pump, are all over the place so I"m wondering if switching might help. I'm the kinda diabetic who has a different blood sugar each day, even if i do excatly the same thing as the day before. pretty basal rates are useless unless I wanna wake up in the morning and re-program them every single day. one day my fasting number will be 8, the next it'll be 12 or 15 and the next it'll be 5...even if each day i have the same stress level, the same exercise and the same nighttime snack/dose the night before.

Just wondering if anyone else has similar experiences with their levels and switched from novorapid with sucess to another short acting.

I don't really know what's out there for options....more specifically, options available in Canada that are covered under Pharmacare(which means my extend benefits at work will cover the cost)...