Good Morning everyone,

  I need some positive feedback this morning and thought this might be the right place to get it.  I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant and have been doing really great.  I have my CGM set between 60-140 and am almost ALWAYS between my lines.  I do have a few lows here and there but I haven't really had many highs for whole pregnancy.  Whenever I have a doctors appointment I'm always very proud to show off my 24 hour display as it is almost always PERFECT.  

  All that being said I'm usually very confident about my control and feel good about it.  Yesterday was my baby shower and we had a ton of family in town and my diet was anything but normal.  I didn't have the lean protein I needed for dinner and ended up being low most of the night.  Finally around 1:00 last night after going low and then coming back up a few times I finally had a bowl of cereal.  I was super tired, I ached all over, and all I wanted was to sleep and not worry about my blood sugars.  I woke up maybe an hour later because I was at 180.  Again I gave some extra insulin and instead of setting my alarm to check and make sure that I went down I just fell back asleep.  I then woke up at 5:00 and realized that that extra dose of insulin wasn't enough and that I had gone up to 250. 

THIS JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN TO ME!  I can count on one hand the amount of times I've been above 200 this whole pregnancy.  I'm currently back in between the lines but I have this enormous guilt.  What if I hurt my baby?  How could I be so selfish and want sleep instead of managing it like I know I should have?  Anyways I was just wondering if anyone else feels or felt this way.  Some reassurance would be greatly appreciated. 


Your baby is going to be fine.  

As a diabetic mom there is tremendous pressure to be perfect in your diabetes managment.  But that's not possible because your pancreas doesn't work.  Every diabetic mom has had highs and lows and most of us have health babies.  Even diabetics completely out of control often have health babies.

I think stress is much worse for a developing baby than an occasional high blood sugar.  So forgive yourself and keep doing what you're doing.  

My mom gave me the best advice when she told me part of parenting is guilt.  No matter what you do, you always feel like you could do a better job.  It's so true and knowing that has helped me have peace that I will try my best as a parent but will never be perfect.  It's much better to do your best, but to focus on enjoying your family and the life you build together.  

read the blof "super scared and anxiuos first timer"  here is my response and there are more:


First of all... calm down!! I think it's something like over 50% of women lose a baby and lots don't even know about it. Sorry to hear that, but you and your baby are going to be fine. Stress can be bad for both of you. So take a deep breath and relax. I have been type 1 since I was 8. I'm now 30. My A1C was 6.5 when I got pregnant and 6.1 through most of the pregnancy. HOWEVER, I had some CRAZY sugars!! We did some traveling in Europe for 2 weeks at the beginning of my 2nd trimester. The time change, the walking, the different food all messed me up. I got down to 27 in Pompeii! I also hit a few 400's. I'd say throughout my whole pregnancy I had between 15 - 25 sugars under 40, between 4-7 sugars in the 400's and about 10-15 in the 300s and I can't count how many 200's I had. That WONT affect your baby as long as you don't let it stay that way! If your creeping up past 170 do something about it. If your fine one minute and then 400 the next ( take a shot) don't wait for your pump, it might be malfunctioning or in tissue that isn't absorbing as well. My doctor said it's when your blood sugar is consistantly high that it takes a toll on the baby. You're going to spike. Take some insulin drink some water. The constant stress your putting your self through is worse than the occasional high or low blood sugars. My baby boy Brady was born perfectly healthy. He had a low blood sugar but that is normal when type 1s deliver. They just get them to feed asap. The doctor did have to induce me 3 wks early but that was b/c my blood pressure spiked one day, it had nothing to do with the diabetes. The little guy wasn't ready to come out so after about two days of labor (on drugs the whole time of course!) they finally decided to cut the little guy out. THANK GOD! He was perfect. He was 5.10 oz. No problems at all. Never got sick until he started day care at 4 months! My doctor even asked a few months later if I was ready to have another one!! Did you know that most type 1's have smaller babies? That is b/c you eat healthier (if your a good type 1 that is) and you don't gain as much weight. I gained 26 pounds. Also, the baby wont take as much from your body as it would a non diabetic mom. It's nature's way of knowing you (the diabetic mom ) need to keep some of the calories , nutrients etc. for your health.

So, I hope this helps. Feel free to look me up on Facebook if you want to ask more questions as I don't check this site too often.   P.s You think you have spikes now, wait until your *** feeding!! (If you decide to do that!!

Hailey, Jenna, and Brigid,

I love reading your posts because I am going through the same things.  Your advice is so appreciated even if it wasn't directed towards me, I am so grateful to read your posts.  

I'm constantly worried that my highs and lows are hurting my little baby boy.  My a1c is 5.9 but now that I'm in my third trimester it just gets so much harder to get my levels under 180.  They never stay high but it's a struggle.  

Sometimes just the words of encouragement are all we need to hear.  Thanks again!

Hi Sorry. I usually do respond personally but I was walking out the door the other day but wanted to send you something quickly. Trust me, being tired (physically) and tired (mentally) of checking all the time is normal. Don't feel guilty. You are doing a great job. You're A1C is awesome and if you have only had a few 200's you are doing much better than I did and alot of people who have posted on here. If you are 7 months pregnant does your little one have a working pancreas by now anyways? Of course it's better to treat, but those few times are not going to hurt him/ her and (s)he at that point was just eating a little more suragy food then normal. So it was just a little taste treat! You're BP is one thing that can be more worrysome. How is that? If that is good and your A1C is in the 5's you are a Doctors dream (for a type 1!)

My A1C is under 6 so I'm good in that department and my blood pressure has consistently been between 115-120/60-70 so I'm good there as well.  It's just nice to know that other people feel that same way that I do.  Thank you to all of you who have responded with similar situations.  

OMG, don't worry! Sounds like you are doing great. Insulin resistance will get worse and worse the further into the 3rd trimester you get (sorry to say) so try not to freak out when you occassionally get above will have more readings like that--not to be a downer. It means you placenta is doing what its supposed to do. I had numerous occassions that I was 200 and over and I have a perfectly healthy 1 month old boy that barely weighed 6 pounds! YOU WILL BE FINE. Plus, a bowl of cereal would make a non-pregnant diabetic skyrocket, so with your pregnancy hormones counteracting insulin that was bound to happen =). Sounds like you are doing great, though. Keep doing what you are doing, keep close tabs with your doctors and pretty soon you will have a healthy little baby in your arms...all the fuss and worry is WELL WORTH IT. =) Take care!!