Period issues

So recently I haven’t been able to hit my cycle and last time it happened was in July. Now it is October and still hasn’t happened but I am getting all the side affects like cramps, mood swings, craves, etc. just no blood.

What should I do?

Were you always regular before July?

A few things may be happening.
One, if you are sexually active, you could be pregnant. You can either buy a test at any pharmacy and test at home or at a friend’s where you would feel safe or go to the doctor who will also test you.

If you test negative there could be many reasons your cycle is off. The first one would be stress. Often times, stress messes with your menses. But it seems like it has been 3 cycles you skipped so I would strongly suggest going to 3 different doctors.

  1. Your general doctor.
    He will do a pregnancy test but also other tests to make sure there isn’t an underlying cause. How much testing will depend entirely on him/her.

  2. Your gynecologist.
    Your gynecologist will most likely also do a pregnancy test and will look at your reproductive organs. It could be a simple physical examination, most likely with a pap smear, and possibly an ultrasound. She may or may not send you for blood tests.

  3. Your endocrinologist
    Your hormones regulate your menstrual cycle. If the doctor and GYN do not find any reasons to why your cycle stopped, your Endo can look at more blood tests and hopefully find a reason.

Now I don’t know where you live nor how your insurances work.
If it was me, I would go first to either my PCP or GYN. Personally I would go to the one I feel most comfortable with and trust the most.

I’m suggesting all three due to past experiences.
When I was in my 20’s. My menses stopped. I went to my PCP who told me it was stress. My GYN told me there was nothing wrong with me. Several months later, I was diagnosed with a tumor on the pituitary gland. The pituitary regulates your reproductive hormones. if I had gone to my Endo, it would have been picked up much earlier.
Fast forward a few years later, my cycle stopped again, I ran to my Endo and he told me everything was normal. But this time my GYN found the why.
A good PCP can also help you navigate and find the cause.
You can always send me a private message if you’d like to discuss things more in private.

All the best