Periods and Blood Sugars

My cycle is on at the moment and I was wondering can that elevate my blood sugar?

Hi there! Unfortunately, the hormone fluctuations that come with your cycle can definitely affect your blood sugar.

It’s likely slightly different for every woman, but for me, I usually start to see high blood sugar a couple days before my period starts, and it continues throughout my period. My cycle is a bit irregular, but I can always tell I’m about to have my period about 2 days in advance because I’ll start requiring more insulin to avoid highs.

Hi! I agree 100% that hormone fluctuations can and do affect blood sugars. I’ve lived with T1D for over 50 years, so I know!

For me, about a week before my cycle would start I’d get an overnight low. After I got married my husband caught on to this. He’d get some glucose in me and tell me, “Your period must be about to start!” and we’d both laugh.

Anyway, more to your question, I would also find my blood sugars going high once my cycle started. So don’t fret, it’s normal!

Totally normal. I am the opposite of the other two people who replied. My sugars go high when I PMS and then as soon as my period starts I go low. I have a PMS setting and a Period setting on my pump now which makes it so much easier to deal with every month. No more massive lows on the first day of my period! Such a relief.

I’ve honestly never thought about how much insulin I am using in relation to my periods, hmmmm. I’ll start watching that. I do however notice that any needle pricks hurt a lot more and it’s easier to catch a vessel when inserting a Dexcom when it’s close to time for me to start.