Hahah you know you love that time of the month ladies!

But I was wondering if diabetes can affect your cycle. I am a few days late and I would like to think it is most likely due to diabetes and not something else haha

... just to be safe you should take a pregnancy test. it's always better to know. there are lots of free clinics for women you can visit.


i've always had lots of problems with periods (irregular, heavy, lots of cramping) which is the reason i went on birth control about 10 years ago. i don't think it was diabetes related though. if you aren't already on birth control, i would recommend at least looking into it - it can help make them easier to deal with. it can also give you a little peace of mind.

it doesn't happen as much anymore, but when i was younger i used to miss a few months at a time. never figured out why, the doctors just figured it was due to my age and activity/stress levels those months, since i wasn't pregnant. birth control fixed that problem, but i'm still not on a regular schedule. i'm suppose to start on a monday & have my new BC patch on by the following monday(whether my period has stopped or nto) but i usually don't get it til the wednesday or thursday, sometimes even saturday. my mom doesn't have diabetes, but it was the same for her when she was younger, so we just chop it up to genes.


(and thanks for the post, you just reminded me that i forgot to change my patch this morning! lol)

I have the same "skipping" issue.  I've gone three months before with no period before.  I am on the pill, too, which makes it doubly weird.  It seems to 'strike' during high stress times.  I don't think it's D-related.... or maybe it is.  Who knows?  My OB-GYN wasn't concerned about it.

The worst problem I ever had was when my old PA told me I could start a new pack after the three weeks of pills, to skip my period the week of my wedding.  I thought this was a great idea, did it, and got my period anyway.  Not only did I get my period anyway....  I had it for three weeks.  Through the wedding.  Through the honeymoon.  And for a week after that.  Totally, totally lame.  My body did not like that idea at all.

I don't think diabetes has affected my periods, but my periods definitely affect my BGs!  Sky high right before and crash low right after.  It was much worse when I was on birth control.  I tried the shot, the patch, and the pill.  The patch and the pill both tended to regulate my periods, but played even more havoc with my BGs.  I have been diabetic for almost 23 years and the ONLY times I have ever been hospitalized with keytoacidosis was when I was on birth control (right before my cycle every time).  My doc at the time basically told me I was crazy and it was just a coincidence.  My endo now looks at me like, "well duh, of course birth control had something to do with it!"

I posted this thread a while back about the cycle issue. I personally have that skipping 3 months at a time also, ugh !!!

My period only varies a day or so, never more. Like one of the other posts, my blood sugars are higher the day or two right before my period, and then come down once it starts.  I use the NuvaRing, and it's worked out great, with regulating my period.  Good luck!