Peripheral neuropathy?

Hi all. I last posted here when I was about to give birth. Good news is, the baby is healthy! Bad news is, I may have peripheral neuropathy. I’ve had T1D now for almost 27 years, and while my A1C has rarely been above 7, it’s been a long time now, so I know I’m more prone to neuropathy. I noticed during pregnancy that my feet often burned, especially at night. The left foot was the worst. Later, the middle toes and ball of foot on the left foot eventually became partially numb. I told my obstetrician, and she thought it may be only partially pregnancy related, and had me check in with my endocrinologist. My endo ordered an x-ray for my foot to see if anything else could be ruled out. Well, I had the x-ray today, and no bone or soft tissue issues, so it’s not something like a stress fracture or Morton’s neuroma. That leaves only neuropathy, or maybe metatarsalgia from something other than neuroma. I know that, in all likelihood, it’s probably neuropathy. My right hand is also sometimes getting tingly and numb in the mornings, although that responds well to movement still. But the middle toes and ball of foot on the left foot are now pretty much 100% partially numb all the time – there’s not even late night burning anymore. I’ll see my endo again in a couple or so months. In the meantime, I’m thinking, probably neuropathy right? I’m just glad I still have SOME sensation left. But it’s definitely mostly numb, especially compared to what I can feel on the top of the foot, and what my other foot can still sense in the same areas.

Hi @tingbot congratulations on the baby such great news! Regarding neuropathy, I don’t know. I can only add that my wife’s nervous system lit up during and just after her pregnancy exacerbating her carpal tunnel and causing pain and tingling. It went away in about a year. We as t1’s, get low on B12 which you can get a blood test for, and when it gets very low it can cause tingling and numbness. I hope it is temporary. Your best bet is to keep working with your doctor. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Thanks joe! Hopefully will get to the bottom of this soon. I do take lots of B12 as a supplement, so would be surprised if mine was low.

Congratulations @tingbot and welcome to the beautiful new member of your family​:gift::raised_hands::exclamation::tada:
My lower right leg had been feeling cold intermittently for several weeks. I don’t have neuropathy to the best of my knowledge, but was diagnosed with mild peripheral artery disease recently, so I went online to see if I could find any herbs or teas that might be beneficial for circulation. I discovered that Turmeric (popular in Indian cuisine), cayenne (if you like hot spices) and moringa (yecch) were good for circulation so I’ve started drinking moringa tea (yecch) each morning, sprinkling the others on my food, and taking a cayenne supplement. I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now and have not had the cold sensation. You might check online and see if there are any natural things that might give you some relief.
Even with spices and teas you should do your research as some of those can interfere with medications and blood sugar. Of course as a new mom you’re going to be as careful what you put in your body as you were while you were pregnant.

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Congratulations on the new arrival! It’s great you checked with your doctors about the foot issue. I might also check with a podiatrist, to determine if it might be something else. I thought I had neuropathy once and the doctor said it wasn’t. I had tarsal tunnel syndrome. It can cause burning on the side or bottom of the foot. I also had some tingling. It was quite alarming, but eventually it stopped. It started after hearing popping sounds in my upper heel when I turned a certain way.

I wish you all the best!

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Thanks everyone!

My endo recommended a podiatrist as well. I might look into it depending on how things keep going.

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Hi Khendra, See the podiatrist and have him/her check every cause possible, to hopefully rule out neuropathy. If you’ve been well-controlled (it sounds like you have), it may well be something else that’s curable.
Good luck & congrats on your healthy baby !