I was paying for cobra for a few months and couldnt afford to keep it up (It was about $639 per month!). I went through all my supplies and had just enough to last untill my new insurance kicked in with my new job. Period between insurance was about 70 days....

Guess what!? You only have 63 days to get new insurance, otherwise, it wont pay for ANY diabetic related stuff; doct apts, labwork, insulin, pump supplies, NOTHING! I have to have health insurance for one full year now before they will pay.

I have found pump supplies, test strips, and ketone stripes at a whole sale price or reduced price...but insulin is a different story. I just picked up my insulin for this month (a total of 4 bottles) and it cost $533.89! Again, this was for 4 bottles of insulin only..NOTHING else.

**Does anyone know of places, even online ordering, where you can get insulin at a more affordable price? I've found some sights where you can get RX from Canada...but I've never done that before, and don't know if that's a good idea or not. Not sure if there are clinics or what that make it more affordable!

Any advice would help!

Thanks everyone! :)