Persisitently high at night

need help to this persistent high sugar at night.

my son is turning six this month. His sugar at night shoot up to over 16 every night regardless how much insulin we gave him. He is taking NPH during the day and at night, the insulin works during the day. His sugar is good at lunch and afternoon. We are not sure what caused this consistent high.

Anyone experienced somehting like that? what should we do?





Hey Weide.  I responded on your other message post on this topic.  

I have some suggestions, I say after 3 hours of his bedtime, wake him up and test his blood, so you can see where the trend is starting and stop it, If you don't have it, I recommend Lantus, but it stops weight loss, might promote gainage of weight, just an idea, hope it works out for you, bests of luck Christine

Possibly could be too much insulin.  When your BS gets really low your liver kicks out glucagon (unless you've been drinking alcohol) and raises it way high as a survival mechanism.  Ask your doctor if he/she thinks this could be the case.