Personal question

I wana know from all the grownups on board is this, do you test your blood glucose before you-know-what? And do you test your bg after intimacy? I do...

not always before.. i find it kinda ruins the mood haha. unless im feeling low i dont,  im thinking i should. but i usually test right after!

I do before. Not after.

I usually end up testing after b.c i end up running low

  yes, before,  running low in the middle of fun ruins everything

nope. only test after if i feel low. i rarely run low, so it's not a concern for me. plus, that makes everything seem more...planned which just makes it suck.

that's what a CGM is for ;o)

I don't remember!  hahahahahahahaha

Seriously, I've never even thought about testing before, and after, I'll test if... hmm... it's been a particularly long, "active" session and I feel like I'm dropping.

am i the only person giggling like a 12 year old when i read this? 

[quote user="C"]

am i the only person giggling like a 12 year old when i read this? 


Hey C!!!  Are you laughing at me???  If so, I'm glad I was successful in making someone smile today!  :)


Both me and my husband have type 1 diabetes.  We both don't test before.  And I usually only test afterwards if I am feeling low, same with the hubby.

Both before and after.  Sounds like it would kill the mood, but it's really not that big a deal.  I don't test before if we have sex in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.     


I have the benefit of a CGM... so I just take a quick peek at the number to see if I'm good to go!

Usually only if I feel low.  It's tough if I am low before and I "fix" it then we make love, then usually after I drop again

Never to either one unless I am feeling low.

Yes. It's no bueno if I'm low beforehand. Just something else a low BG can mess up :P

Only if I am feeling low.  The special act always drives my blood sugar down, so I want to make sure I am conscious and all.  :) :) :) :) :)