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Hey Everyone my name is Zack. I’m 26 yrs old and been diagnosed since I was about 10 yrs old. I’m new to the message board but I’ve been struggling with what’s been going on with my life and keeping a tabs on my diabetes. It’s been actually hard the last few years (like 4yrs) from my mother passing away to basically being alone. Practically my day is either work, eat and sleep. I HAVE NO LIFE WHAT SO EVER. I can’t really think the last time I actually have friends who can understand what I go through each day. My struggles with diabetes is where I “cheat” and eat sweets because I want to feel normal, dont follow my medicine regimen or check my blood sugar. All that made me end up in hospital and now its affecting my family (Aunt,Uncle ,Brothers , Cousins, and Nana). I’m looking for people I can get connected with and make myself a better person and maybe get engaged into conversations about dealing with diabetes.

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hi @ZackDGraham93 Zackery, welcome to Type One Nation and the forum… well a lot of us here understand the diabetes part of what you are going through, and most understand the rebellion part and the burnout part pretty well.

if you are looking for a bunch of sympathetic friends, who have diabetes or fully understand it, to hang out with, my experience would be that it just doesn’t happen that often. Maybe the closest thing would be a JDRF event or something like that…

I don’t consider eating candy cheating… it’s a mind trick to call something bad… or to consider yourself cheating or bad because you didn’t do X or Y. In my opinion, and what’s worked best for me is to own it. I eat candy when I want to, eat pizza, bagels, general Tso chicken at the Chinese take-out, drink beer, now don’t get me wrong what I am saying is that I don’t consider it cheating because it’s not cheating. And I FULLY own the 400 mg/dl if I make a massive mistake or forget to bolus… because it’s something that I did as a result of a decision I made.

honestly, if you learn how to use insulin, there isn’t anything you can’t eat.

everybody… literally everyone alive has a life… you just (from what it sounds) don’t like yours right now… so the big thing would be to figure out what you do want and then figure out how to get that into your schedule…

no one can make you a better person. no peer pressure from your friends or family, or a bunch of strangers on a forum can change who you are. oh sure we can give you handy insulin tips but who you are is not only completely up to you, but, in my experience, aligned with your actions and your own level of self-esteem. And those 2 things are things you can adjust. No one can make diabetes easy or even tolerable, that’s the part that you have to want to do for yourself.

anyway we hope you hang out with us and talk about what you want to get out of all of this. take care!


Hi Zach-
From what I’m reading, you can dissect your issues into three categories.

  1. Diabetes sucks.
  2. you have no life outside of work, eating, and sleeping.
  3. you have some guilt about being a burden to your family.

My advice? (coming from someone waaaay on the other side of his 20’s, thankfully. )… break these issues down into manageable portions and start tackling them, one at a time.

I get the impression that #2 and #3 bother you more so than #1. I’ve lived #2 many times in my life and I gotta say, it will drain you psychologically faster than anything else. I’d conquer that one, first.

But, in order to conquer that one, you do need to see things clearly. High blood sugar is gonna make that damn near impossible. At least in my case. My bouts of high blood sugar manifests itself as a wall of noise, 24/7. I liken it to being at a very loud AC/DC concert, front row center. Clarity and calm only sets in once the band leaves the stage.

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Hi Zack @ZackDGraham93, I hear what you are saying and can tell you that I too have been in your shoes… But first, let me offer you a Welcome to the TypeOneNation Forum - here and at functions sponsored by JDRF and a few other organizations you may get to meet face-to-face people who are working their way through living with diabetes.

I really agree with what has already been said here by Andy and Joe and will only add a few words. Even if you meet and talk with someone who is living with TypeOne, I don’t believe that what works well for that person will work for you - each of us is slightly different - but you can listen and get tips for your own management.

I’ll paraphrase / interpret @Joe and add my own twist and say there isn’t any such thing as “cheating” other that cheating oneself out of living a full, active and “normal” life. It took me over 25 years living with diabetes before I learned that bit, but now that I got over that “mental block” my last 35+ years have been great - well, almost. The way I conquered that was teaching myself - with doctor suggestions - to first, learn how types of food and various activities affect my BGL [Body Glucose Level], how insulin affects my BGL and how it interacts with certain foods, and then how to cover my meals and other “stuff” with the correct amount if insulin.

You may be able to connect with other people who understand living with diabetes by clicking on “Events” at the top of this page, selecting “JDRF Near You” and entering your zip code.

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Hi Zach! You’re at a wacky time in your life and dealing with so much. I know in our area we have a JDRF branch and they host a slew of things that always need volunteers- that would be a great way to get into a mix of people that understand and appreciate your situation.

Also - don’t be too proud to go and talk to a counselor about everything. There are some that specialize on people facing diseases.

Give yourself a pass on the cheats. But unfortunately it’s time to put yourself and your health first as your mom would have.


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Hi Joe. I agree with you 100% about eating whatever you want as long as you bolus for it. I am 48 and was diagnosed Type 1 at age 9. I didn’t have a pump until about 10 years ago, but it has truly done for me what I couldn’t do for myself with shots.

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Hi Joe!! Welcome first and foremost to the forum!! I don’t know what it’s like to be so young and dealing with this CRAZY DISEASE!! I wasn’t diagnosed until age 52 and I’m now 58!! But I can TOTALLY understand the no life feeling and the “cheating” but like others have said my cheats are my decision and I bolus for them so I attempt to avoid the bg rollercoaster!! I say attempt cuz I’m not always successful but my go to saying is, “that’s what they make insulin for!!!”” After 52 years of living and eating whatever I wanted I find it hard now to restrict the foods that I love. So I guess my advice is own it and bolus accordingly!!

Im happy to share tips and tricks w you and just chat in general if u want to chat w someone my age but I’m guessing u want someone closer to ur age w similar experiences!!

Let me know if I can help!! But good luck w ur experiences!! HUGS!!

Hey Zack, fellow young adult here (22 yo diagnosed at 8). Being a diabetic when we’re kids is so different from being diabetic when we’re adults - so much of your life changes when you start dealing with more adult issues, and our diabetes can really take a hit from this and vice versa. It’s always important to remember that you deserve to take care of yourself and treat yourself well, especially when you’re going through something like your grieving process (it’s even more important then!) I definitely feel you with the “cheating” though - I have a lot of food sensitivities and sometimes eat things I’m not supposed to to feel more normal again and regularly neglect my supplements. What I’ve found is I’m a better me when I take care of myself - I’m kinder, happier, work harder, and physically strive more. I still slip up all the time and it sucks and it’s painful, but that means that there are better times and better days. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me - I’m always here.

Hi Zack I just noticed your post and sorry for being a little late in sending a reply… A lot of good advice already has been posted so I’ll try to summarize and keep this short. I’ve been type one for 40+ years and at many points in my life including right now it’s work, shoot up eat sleep repeat. mostly that’s life for everyone (except for the shoot up part) Just try to live life and do what you really want while trying to manage your diabetes as best you can. the better you keep it under control the better you will feel both mentally and physically. Will your sugar be high or low at times. DEFINITELY. Treat as necessary and try not to keep it consistently high or low. Everyone reacts differently to exercise, food and medication. On this forum you’ll see many different idea’s and strategies for coping, use and adapt what seems like it will work for you . Non diabetics for the most part will not understand so talk to some diabetics at some of the meetings in your area. At this point I am working more than 50 hours/week and I haven’t noticed any groups close enough for me to get to so I try to look and chime in on this forum as much as I can. Cheating is such a negative term so don’t even use it. If you eat sweets either plan some exercise or take some extra insulin. Depending on your inclination either will work.

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