Photo of the week?

What do you guys think about creating a topic each week either diabetes related or not, taking a photo and posting it up in a thread? I think it could be fun what do you think?


That's a cool idea!  I'm in.

I think that would be cool too im in as well! :)

Great idea! Let's dooooooo it!

FUN! now i just have to get my camera to start working again... :D i love pictures!

Cool! Now we have to think of a day to submit them and a topic haha!

i'll start! heh heh...

topic: cute pets, day: right now! :D


my baby, chloe. she died last year, but she's still the cutest dog i've ever seen!

Coco the wonder dog! LOL

ahahahaa. oh, geez. that's adorable.

I give up.... I can't get my pic posted on here. :(


My baby Apollo!!!

It was really hard to pick just one. This is Hazel, a german sheperd mix and our kitty, Pepper, who she adopted as her own. :) Sadly, we don't have Hazel anymore. :(


This is Duchess with newborn baby Brandan. :)

Aww, all thses pictures are soooo adorable.  It's making me miss my baby Apollo.  I'm in Charlotte for the week for training for work and I miss him sooo much.  Trish, Duchess is sooo adorable laying right by baby Brandan with her chin resting right on him.  My Apollo does that all the time with me.  He always has to have his little chin resting on my shoulder or arm or leg.  So cute!

My boyfriend's family's dachshund. They dressed her up as a turtle for Halloween, but she wasn't having it (hence the head piece is off lol)

Lady (she came with the name) being tortured with a bow in her hair.

My kitty Gibbs chilling in my crock pot lol it was not even warm anymore when he crawled in there silly kitty.

Cat soup! LOL so cute! The photo of the week was a good idea!!!

It is a good idea!  He likes to get into empty boxes too. Riley always has him in one and he just chills in them lol.

i would be lying if i said i didn't have three seperate facebook albums dedicated to cats.

i have my mom's two cats(that i grew up with/raised..socks & her daughter blaze):


then there's Elle, who is my friend's cat and lived in a big house with four of us at one point and she was just too funny, i took so many pictures. she used to curl up in my dirty laundry if i didnt put it in the basket.she's also sleep on the stereo system even when we were blaring NIN with bass.


then there was Winter (who is my mom's cat Sock's daughter from the same litter as Blaze) and Levi who i took care of for a few months for a friend (who then refused to take them back when i told her i was moving into a non-cat friendly place..and had to give them was very sad)

Winter in White, Levi is the tabby


my baby girl!! <3