Photography show, looking for suggestions

I'm going to be doing a photography show early next year and am wanting to get started asap. partial sales will go to my walk to cure diabetes fundraising, as the event in my town takes place in june.


does anyone have any suggestions for theme ideas that would fit with the "find a cure" idea behind the walk?



well does it include like videos?

nope, it's just photograph prints.


i've come up with a theme though, just waiting to get a lens

That sounds like a very interesting project, being into photography myself. Keep us posted as to what you come up with - I'll try to think of some ideas, too :P

i just got extension tubes so i can take macro shots with my 50mm, so im gonna plan about 12 shots using that.

only problem is now im not sure WHEN i'll have the show. originally was hoping for the feb-mar dates at my work, but a school is taking the upper and lower spaces. then this other artist is displaying on the next dates i choose(since i need to have it before the june 13 walk) and originally said they would only take the lower if we didn't have they are saying they won't do the exhibit unless they get the lower as well. so i might have to go for the jan-feb dates..which is waay to soon for me.

Batts - What kind of shots (no pun intended) were you thinking of taking? I have some weird ideas, and would be willing to share. I just need to know what you were thinking of, if you don't mind divulging :)

anything that will sell. that problem with selling prints, is that a majority of people want to purchase "pretty" or "urban" style prints. =/


check out my fb for my recent shots with the new toy: