Physical Symptoms of Hypo- and Hyperglycemia

These things are common for me, but I wondered if they happened to others as well.  What physical symptoms do you have when you're very low or high?

When I'm above 200, my ears turn bright red.  Every time.  I'm like Rudolph, the Red-Eared T1...

When I'm very low (below 50), my taste buds give up.  My tongue feels tingly and numb, and I can't taste anything. 

Low:  Cannot finish a sentence, shaky, sweaty, lips are are my hands....laugh at dumb things.....more playful than usual :D...pale

High:  Grouchy, moody, sleepy, feel like a log, irritable....droopy eyes....headaches

when i'm low, i feel drunkish and tingly tongue is very much a part of that. i get confused easily too. i'll get overly giddy and hyper too. when i'm reading a book, the words will start swirl around. that was usually my biggest symptom as a kid. i read a lot of books, so if i started having trouble reading, i knew i needed to do a BG test.

when i'm high, i get "the thirst" (as someone else so accurately called it) and the feeling of having the flu. nothing too exciting there. i might really hot and flushed too, but that doesn't happen as often.

LOW:  shaky, heavy legs, vision is hard to focus, weird butterfly feeling in my stomach, hungry, cold sweat, pale, zoned out

HIGH:  stomach ache, headache, tired, "The Thirst" (haha), increased peeing, definitely mood, all around just feeling sick

I stop being a nice person with both.

low - dizzy, blurry vision, limbs feel numb, sweaty, shakey, and weak.

high - my back starts to hurt, really tired, similar to the beginning of the flu, and generally cranky