Picking a pump

Hello!! So we will be taking our pump classes for our 6 year old daughter…I have done some research and I think I like Omnipod the best…I would love to hear tips and good pumps! I want something she can get wet and not be connected to tubes and hopefully a pump that can slow insulin if she starts to drop rapidly or give extra if she runs high. She does have the Dexcom G6. I hope I can get some good ideas and maybe some pointers as I am extremely nervous about this transition!

tandem is a winner. i first wanted the omnipod because i hated the idea of tubing all in my business but once i chose the tandem because of its upgradability and basal:IQ technology there was no going back. i play golf and lift weights and life a prettt normal life with the tandem. like i said, it’s a winner.

hi Dee,there are 2 pumps that can do this (Medtronic and Tandem) , and only 1 that works directly with Dexcom and that’s the Tandem, with Control IQ.(not basal IQ)

If the sensor feedback is not critical to success, then all 3; Omnipod, Tandem, and Medtronic will all do, and they are all great pumps. I suggest first finding out what insurance hurdles are present, then select the pump that fits your needs from what is available. good luck.

Hi Dee @Dee314, right now there is not a pump that meets all your / your daughter’s requirements.

@Joe listed the only two insulin infusion “closed loop” systems currently approved to make insulin adjustments, but both the Tandem and Medtronic units have tubes. The OmniPod is the only well-functioning “tubeless” pump currently available but that is not yet approved for insulin adjustment.

Currently there Insulet is seeking volunteers for a trial attempting to get approval for a “closed loop” OmniPod / Dexcom G6 system. Here is information:

I’d recommend OmniPod Eros so you can do LOOP. Only extra cost would be a RileyLink for $150 and apple license for $100/year. It’s amazing. Closed loop and no finger pricking and fights high and low blood sugars both. With Medtronic you have to prick all the time and it only helps prevent lows. Happy to explain more. But my numbers tell the story, 6.0 A1c and I eat pizza and whatever I want (I try to be good but it’s hard) and I only do treadmill for exercise.

Hi @JDWky this is not actually true, but I am glad to hear your loop project is working for you.

In general, I agree with JD. We have 2 kids on Dexcom and Omnipod and upgraded to DASH before hearing about looping. But Tidepool Loop is coming, along with Omnipod Horizon, which should be amazing. For young children, I really can’t say how much being tubeless is important. We did a Medtronic free trial, and just didn’t like it. 2 boys on Omnipod for 3 years, and very happy.

My daughter just turned 7. We’ve been using Tandem T-Slim for about 2 years and love it! At first I was worried about tubing but it is no problem. She wears a spandex, running type, belt that holds her pump. You easily disconnect to swim and bathe. With new Control IQ the pump communicates with Dexcom G6 and suspends insulin when blood sugar is dropping and it will give more insulin when she is going high.


After much research, on Thursday I will be requesting that pump. I best fits her. Thanks!