Picture in the JDRF newsletter

So, a picture of me at the 2008 phoenix walk for the cure in November appeared on the JDRF newsletter I got in the mail the other day.  It was me holding my niece on top of my shoulders and holding her arms straight out.

Has anyone else been extremely jealous of never having your picture on the post-walk newsletter?  Anyone else have their childish dream come true like mine did???

It was a happy day :)

First things first, congratulations! I bet that was exciting :)

Secondly, no, can't say that I have. Although it would be pretty darn cool to get my picture in one of their news letters :) I've actually meant to become more involved in the walks lately. Usually my friends will act like they're interested, and then of course that never turns out. Typically I rely on my family to walk with me; I'll have to keep an eye out.

Yeah, actually... sad story...

I invited 25 of my friends, made 50 shirts MYSELF (really cool ones, by the way) for friends + family.  Guess how many of my friends showed up...?  2.  And not even my 2 best friends.  2 random ones.  I was pretty disappointed, to say the least.

Family always pulls through, though.

These were the shirts:


And this was the picture (I used a crumby scanner so the quality is bad):

Holy cow, those shirts rock! I really like that design, it's brilliant. Glad that your family could back you up; I guess it's a good thing diabetics have these things called "family ties" to get more participants. Otherwise I'd walk alone :)

I especially like that you two have them on in the picture :) Very team-spirited!

Yep.  Good thing the shirt company I used made youth sizes.  Or else my 2 year old niece and 4 year old niece would never have been able to wear the things.

The shirt company gave me a 50% discount, too, since it was for charity!