Hi, Everyone!
This may seem like a silly question to most of you, but it’s still important for me to ask.

I recently got a navel piercing (Meaning I got my belly button pierced) and I know that sometimes High Blood Sugar can slow down healing. My pierced said that It should be completely healed in 6-9 months. But I’m just curious to see if my bloodsugar is high will the healing process take longer?

Are there any risks that I have being a diabetic that a non-diabetic wouldn’t have?

Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you all have a Happy Holiday!!


I’m not sure about the healing aspect of this post (though it does make sense) but one thing you do need to pay more attention to then non-diabetics is preventing infection since diabetics do have a weaker immune system.

hi @TylerLynne2018,
having t1 for a long time, and especially with uncontrolled blood sugar, can lead to wounds healing slowly. Also, the further away from the heart, the worse it gets (this is why foot wounds in a diabetic can be deadly)

high blood sugar can contribute to additional risk of infection. I am sorry but I disagree, our immune systems are not necessarily any weaker than anyone else, it’s the availability of all that sugar that can make certain infections tough to get rid of. don’t forget that it’s our autoimmune system that ate our beta cells, if anything, our immune system is over-active.

best advice i ever heard: “if your blood sugar is normal you have the same chances as everybody else”.

cheers, good luck, and sorry for posting in the “teens” forum.

Hi @TylerLynne2018
I had my naval pierced when I was 18, (I was diagnosed with T1D when I was 2). My BG was out of control at that age (sometimes still is) and I did not have a problem with the healing process. It did take a week or 2 longer.
I had my lip pierced when I was 19, I was excited to change the ring after 2wks. I hadn’t realized it had not completely healed and it got infected. Took another 3wks to heal properly, and it did not look cute. I didn’t have to have my lip amputated or anything. lol
I have also had a couple of tattoos since then, both healed fine.

Expect the healing process to take longer, that’s fine. Just keep the areas clean. Use ointment and non scented lotions. If you are going to change the ring out make sure to sterilize with alcohol.

-also sorry for replying in the teems forum, but thought my 2 cents were useful>