Pilot living with Type 1 taking action for others

Hello everyone, my name is John McCarthy, I am a 20 year old college student living in St.  Louis, MO. Last November (2008) when I was 19, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. My major in college is flight operations management, it basically means that I fly airplanes and run corporate flight departments. I am not going into my whole story here. I just had a God given dream, and inspiration from a young man by the name of Nick Jonas. No I have not met him yet, although I would love to becuase he has the stage, and I have the ideas on how we can reach millions of people. The main reason I am making this post is becuase I fly airplanes and when I found out I was diabetic it had immediately voided my medical with the FAA After battling for 8 months with the FAA on getting my medical cleared for me to fly again, I finally won. I am now starting a Diabetic Aviation Association. I am making a wesbite/forum, for pilot's who are wanting to regain their medicals. This will also be for anyone who is looking for support, inspiration, or a place to be a pressure relief valve. I am currently working on getting a link for the website (which isn't completed yet) for the JDRF to raise money and awareness for a cure!

Hey guys, thank you so much for all of the love and support! The website should be up by the end of this month. I will post the link on here so keep an eye out and let's get the job done!

Hey everyone here is the Facegroup for the Diabetic Aviation Association! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=134551484816&ref=mf

Good Job! Nect thing we need to get settled is the CDL license for diabetics!!!! Let me know how I can help!

I asked this in the other thread as well, but I'm extremely curious - can diabetics get their pilots license? Not commericial, but private?

yes they can, I should have mine wrapped up in a month or two, I was actually two flights away from getting mine before I was diagnosed

Cool, thanks. That's a relief to hear, though, that it isn't a problem. There are too many things we aren't aloud to do because of diabetes, if you ask me. Gets old.

Good luck, hope you make it!

I need some help with putting together a website, becuase the people I know who can do it are short on time. I will pay for whatever it takes (webhosting etc.) It will need to have a link for donations embeded to JDRF, with a counter if possible. A forum, and a couple other tabs in the website, for Awareness, and info for aviation people. Thanks!

I have not yet found a space on this website where I have felt compelled to voice my opinion (except for a random little nonsense rant over the hannah montana video - arguing that it did diabetics a favour. haha.

However, I am very interested in your research over our rights as diabetics to perform what is considered 'risky business' in employment and other similar sectors. Your circumstances as an American citizen may differ from mine as an Australian citizen, but the model is very similar i suspect. I have been told that I am unable to fly, become a police officer or join the army. Non of these occupations take my fancy as it were, but i'm very interested to know the legalities behind my predicament.

I am also very interested to know the American model for diabetics and their ability to gain insurance and whether (what i consider to be descriminatory) limits have been placed on your entitlements.

Congratulation on fighting for your liscence...i assume there are strict guidlines to make you repeatedly test yourself before, during and after a flight? Is there any chance you would be able to fly a commercial airliner in the future?

I have experianced much of the same treatment here in the US, however it is much more subliminal. The reason is, they are afraid of lawsuits for discrimination. This has happened to me on multiple Police Backgrounds even though, I have scored numder one in the testing process.I score high, ace the testing process, background is clean, then there is the medical exam........... Regardless of the fact that I have no complications from my diabetes, I am all the suddenly dropped from the process. generally Ill get a letter saying I didnt meet qualifications.  It definately gets old, and when they give a reason as to why I am not getting hired, its always an easy round about. I dont feel like there is a voice for diabetics, saying there is very little issues if you take care of yourself. Its in the media, look at he commercials, there isnt ever anything on positive on diabetes, always a negative point to be made.


Id be more than happy to help work on a website for all diabetics, Let me know how I can help. Not only does it affect our health, it affects all things including what we can do for work. THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED!!!


ok Im off the soapbox!

I appreciate that Alexander, I'm sure the guidelines are different. Yes there are strict rules of testing and monitoring to be a pilot. As of right now there is no way that I am able to commercially. But that is the exact reason why I created the Diabetic Aviation Association! To be an Advocate for everyone, and raise awareness and funding for a cure!

Thanks Element, I will get in touch

Hey everyone, things are going well for DAA. Everything is in its final stages, the only things left is to find some corporate sponsorship and everything will be good to go. So if you know anyone who may be interested in sponsoring a charitable non-profit, please let me know. This is also great publicity for them and a tax write off. Or just have them get in touch with me and I can send literature and other information. diabeticaviation@yahoo.com Thanks and God Bless