Ping Saline Trial

Today we went in for the saline test. We met at Childerens Hospital in St Louis. There were 2 other young people there both with their parents. One was about 6 years old and the other about 15. My son is 14.

They didn't talk much about pumps in general - they gave us literature on the Animas, Medtronic and the Omni Pod and said they did not endorse one over another but that it was an individual choice.

The older boy and my son had both done the 3 day trial of the Omni Pod and didn't like for the same reason - too much tape and uncomfortable. (Again individual choice) . They gave out Animas pumps for our week long trial and the only Ping model they had was Pink so we just went with one of the other similar Animas pumps.

They handed out paperwork so we have to log in the carbs, correction etc. We set our rates etc and went over the menu.

My son then checked the battery, attached the tubing etc and primed the pump. He then inserted the infusion tube and connected the tubing and gave himself some saline. It took 2 tries for the infusion into his skin. The first time he did not put it in far enough.  

So now we change the site on Sunday and Wednesday, record the info, and on Thursday we send everything back to the hospital where they will check it. IF Matthew did o.k. they will provide a medical necessity form to the pump manufacturer of our choice who will contact us for color we want etc. Then the pump people will notifiy insurance. Once approved we call the hospital and meet with the Endo who will fine tune the insulin dosages. On the ping there are some advanced features but we did not go over. After he has gotten comfortable with the unit and wants the advance features we contact the company and the rep comes out.

Just wanted to provide those looking into the pump the procedure we went thru. Hope it helps.

What kind of infusion sets did they give you to use? If they are the ones you manually push in yourself I can understand him having a hard time with it and not getting the tubing far enough into his skin. Animas has the inset 30s and 90s that you just push the button and it's inserted quick, easy, and right away.

Thanks for sharing, Keith. My son and I are going to pump class Tuesday. He's only 3 and the closer the day gets the more nervous/anxious/excited I feel. The Ping is in top running for me so far.

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Thanks for sharing, Keith. My son and I are going to pump class Tuesday. He's only 3 and the closer the day gets the more nervous/anxious/excited I feel. The Ping is in top running for me so far.


The ping is great, the best part about it is the computer program that comes along with it. I think you'll really love it! Good luck!

Thanks Courtney. :)

Hi Courtney

They gave us the manual unit he pushed in himself. He had to do that twice. Are you using the ping ? They did tell us at the hospital about the quick insert units but did not say anything more. How exactly do they they work. I got on the Animas website and saw the 30's and 90's and wondered if one was more comfortable or held better than the other. They did suggest he take it off in the shower but I missed what he needed to do if he did that. They went over the menu fast and I couldn't see the screen so I am hoping my son got it all. Would love some more help from Ping people

Hi Trish

The actual demonstration didn't take but 15 minutes with a bunch of filler on how to work the menu on the pump etc. I would think a unit that can allow you to bolus while the child sleeps would be a great thing to have the ability to do.

Matthew and I were pretty nervous - I am still a bit but havn't changed the site yet. I know I will be really nervous when his actual pump arrives and its live insulin going in. I am so grateful for this website and the help I have gotten. I know if I put in my experiences someone else will have an easier time I hope. It was really hard to find out how the whole pump request etc worked.   

Thank goodness for personal choice, right? My daughter started on the OmniPod about 3 weeks ago. I was a nervous wreck, but we are SOOOOOOO glad we did it! It has already shown to be a good move in terms of her numbers -- she is happier and healthier. Couldn't ask for more. It's a LOT to learn again, but well worth the time and energy (and midnight and 3am checks -- ugh).

Good luck!

I really researched all the pumps- even calling the tech people. I wanted to really get a handle on each one and then present the best of them to my son for his decision. We narowed it down to the Ping and the OmmiPod. We ordered the Omni pod trial and he did not like the feel of it at all - for some reason he was just sold on the Ping. I thought the OmniPod was the best choice but I know my son is the only person who should make that choice - I just wanted to make sure he got all the information to make his choice. It was hard not trying to move him to the Omni pod but I am confident now that his choice of the Ping is what he really wants.

I understand the software for the Ping is pretty good.  When it comes down to it - I don't care if he likes the ping for the color, or the display or what ever . When I start noticing better control I will know that it was the right choice and not seeing him have to give himself so many shots I will smile.  

I have used the Ping pump since July. I was diagnosed in March of 2009 so I'm still new to this. I use the spring loaded infusion set and rarely have trouble with my sights now. At first I had some problems and was frustrated but now everything is a lot better. I really like doing the pump thing instead of shots.

Yes, I am using a ping. I use the inset 30s which are great for skinnier people because it goes in at a 30 degree angle every time. All you do is open the package, remove the backing to the adhesive, pull back the plastic ring, there are two little prongs that you set against your skin which gives you the right angle, you push a button and the inset is in! Very painless, very quick, I would never use anything else!

Hi Jerry

If I might ask what problems did you have with the ping that made you frustrated. Also, the infusion sets you have are spring loaded - how exactly does that work? Do you cap it off to take a shower? How do you know if it is working?

The only time I ever put the cap on my site is when I'm at the beach in the ocean or in a swimming pool. When I take a shower I don't because it is clean water and you really don't have water getting into the site. Each infusion set does come with a cap so if you feel more comfortable using that then that's your choice. I don't know if they told you to not change the site before bed, you should change the site so you can at least bolus and make sure your blood sugars are fine, if they are normal then the site is working. But, if a site is changed before bed you won't actually know if it's working because you won't be bolusing and thus you won't know if your sugars are normal.

As long as the button on the infusion set is pushed in all the way, most likely you'll always get the set in completely fine. I would definitely tell your doctor you'd like your son to try these sets out, they are amazing!

Taking the Ping off for the shower is pretty easy. You just suspend the pump and unclip the part that attaches the tubing to the infusion site. It took me a few minutes the first time to unclip it cuz i was nervous about pulling the site out, but it's pretty easy :) the ping also reminds you every 5minutes that it's on suspend so you remember to resume your basal when you clip it back in!

Thanks Courtney and Batts,

Well he did take it off to shower but did not suspend it. I guess I can put that on day one - things that were forgotten - suspend unit before unclipping. I guess that is why were using saline now.

He also got a holder that acts more like a cell phone clip - he can rotate the unit but it keeps coming off when he runs or gets up quickly. Have to add that to my list of things to correct. 

I don't ever suspend my pump when taking a shower. I would forget to unsuspend it.

I also don't suspend for showers. I've heard that suspending can create bubbles in the tubing, and since i'm only wasting a tiny fraction of a unit for every shower, it isn't worth the risk and the potentially having to re-prime.

i have the reminder for suspend on, so it makes a noise(instead of just vibrates like all of my other alarms except my "your pump battery has completely died" alarm) and at most, i forget for like 10minutes i didnt unsuspend. i havent noticed any problems with airbubbles...i dont really see how that could happen since its not suppose to be pushing anything out.....