Ping Training Tomorrow

I'm thrilled that I finally have my Ping training tomorrow morning at 10:30am - is there anything that would benefit me to bring in addition to what the book recommends as standard or any questions training tricks that I might not automatically think of that would be good to ask?  I've read the manual and the workbook more than once and feel very well prepared, but thought I would get everyone's thoughts.


Hi Dale

Congrats on the Ping training. First, you will probably do a few thngs like set the date, and do some things like that. Overall you will not spend a lot of time on the pump portion of the setup. They will probably have you set the cartridge level (if you get below a certain amount of insulin a warning goes off) which is a nice thing. I would suggest if your planning on using EZ manager that you also ask about setting the timeout display to 60 seconds. That will help prevent your pump from turning off while you try to download. They will also sync your pump up with the meter.

The pump itself is pretty simple but pay close attention to things like filling the cartridge (to avoid air bubbles) etc. You can watch the videos on the Animas site. There is a lot of things related to the pump as you know from reading the manual but just pay attention to the basics - filling the cannula, cartridge etc and the infusion sites.

Everything else (advanced features etc ) can come later.

You might feel lost the first few weeks which is normal - no lost in not knowing what to do but in how to do it. It all sounds so simple in the books but when your working with the infusion sets and trying to prime etc it does seem a bit much but it gets easier.

I found some great answers to questions on another site -

This group on this site is for Animus Pump users - I'm not sure if the like will take you to the exact area or if you have to cut and paste but look it over. YOu might have to go to to start.

IF you run into any little thing that does not make sense this group is great especially later on.

Best of Luck

Trained and pumping now for 24 hours with no issues - hope it remains going this good, although I'm certainly expecting at least some bumps in the road :-)

So dale you are over a week in. How are things going? Have you sorted all the numbers and basal patterns out yet??

It’s now going on 2 weeks and so far, so good.  My BG has been pretty stable, and while I’ve certainly not worked out ALL of the kinks, I’m headed in the right direction.  Control has been better than with MDI since day 2, with the exception of Easter, but that’s not a pump issue…  I’m definitely happy with the decision, and overall the pump is integrating into my life with minimal inconvenience.

Now to figure out getting a Dexcom Seven+.  I’ve been emailing customer service with some questions that I need them to answer and can’t get any response...

Easter is a weakness of us all. i can only take a guess that you are referring to control being an issue more in the lack of we all run into when we see and enjoy the candy that sometimes gets in our way?? I love Easter candy sometimes....

Are the Dexcom questions CGM and such related or financial? Cause I am about a year into my use of the Dexcom sensor and I might be able to answer some of those type questions. If not me, there are some others on here I could direct you too as well.

My inner grammar dork leads me to say I meant "to" not "too" in the last sentence.

Dale- if you call DexCom and talk to the rep in your state, they can actually set up payment programs to make it easier for you to get the CGM.  I have been on the DexCom 7 CGM and Animas Ping for about three weeks now. Blood sugars were crazy the first two weeks (unconsciousness, paramedics, etc.) but things are better.  The reports for both the DexCom and the Ping are great- learn to use those.  It will help both you and your doctor.  My big issue now is trying to figure out the approved sites for both.  Have you ever put the CGM on your arm?  Someone suggested that but DexCom said no...  Oh!  One more thing about cost- DexCom is compatible with generic products, as is the Ping, so that could help you cut down on costs.