Ping vs Omnipod for first pump

My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed in June 09 and wants to go on the pump - which I am encouraging.  I think the main thing for her is fewer shots and the ability to snack in the afternoon if she wants without a shot.   We have had a pump consult with her CDE and she is deciding between the ping and the omnipod.  I can see benefits and drawbacks to both.  She is leaning toward the Ping, due to the size of the Omnipod and having something that size attached to her body.  I see her point and probably agree, but I wonder how big a deal the tubing is and if having to have the ping on her person becomes a bigger hassle than the size of the Omnipod.

Anyone switch between the two?  I would love some first hand perspective.


At one point, I did an objective comparison between all three of the major pumps out there. I can't seem to track it down right now. I have used both the Medtronic 722 and currently have the Animas Ping. My experience with the Omnipod is limited.

I can give you an honest take though on both pumps.

The Animas Ping is a great pump, which offers many of the same features as the Omnipod. They both are very user friendly, I know Omnipod just updated their PDA to something with a color screen and offers more advanced features to play with than the original did. They are both waterproof and can be worn while showering, swimming, etc. I have swam with my pump on without any problems. I tend to take my pump off when I shower though. More just because I can and I know I won't accidentally drop it or pull it off the shelf I have in my shower. They hold roughly about the same amount of insulin. While the Ping has a smaller Basal capacity if needed, don't let the Basal pull you in one direction or another.

The biggest difference is tube vs. tubeless. I can honestly tell you after the first week of having my pump I tended to forget about my tubing completely. I tend to allow the excess to either gather at the infusion site or in my pocket. I use the shorter tubing so it is not like I have much hanging all over the place. Have I had it catch on anything? I think maybe once or twice over the course of the year plus 2 months that I have had my pump.

I love my pump and truly the bulk of the omnipod is what made me decide to go with the Medtronic Pump I had when I first got it, that at the CGM feature. I than moved over to the Ping, not because I had any issues with Medtronic so to speak. I have read and heard other people talk about the joy they have with the freedom their Omnipod does offer them. I know for those who looked at both the bulk was the biggest decider, but I have also heard that they are currently working on trying to shrink that bulk down. There are positives and negatives to both though. Those that have the Omnipod swear by it. I know there are some out there who will be able to tell you more about their love of the Omnipod vs. something that has tubing. If your daughter is the one making the decision I am sure she realizes that she will have to live with the choice she makes. But truly the tubing for me was never an issue. But for some it was an issue for dresses and other outfits as they grew and the freedom offered with the Omnipod will make a difference later. At 11 years of age probably not so much. I hope this helps any questions ask. When you find someone who has switched between the two they may be able to help you out as well. I know there are those out there who have switched and should hopefully voice in at some point.

Just hope for an unbiased look at both. They are both great though in the end.