Can anyone correctly give me the right information about the Animas Ping??

I want to know everything! Someone mentioned different colors????

I love my minimed 722, but I still want to know the options!!!


Hi Stephanie,

Although I don't have a Ping, because I live in Canada and they are only available in the U.S. right now, I suggest that you visit this website:

It'll give you a lot of the information that you're looking for!

If you have any questions afterwards, contact them - that's what they're there for!

Good luck!




I've had the Animas Ping since Oct. 6th, 2008.  I was dx'd in April 08, so am relatively new to Type 1, but I couldn't wait to get my pump.  It has been such a good thing for me!

As far as knowing everything, I don't.  The things I do know are:

yes they come colors, mine is pink & since I'm weird about naming my "best friends", her name is Penelope Ping. :) 

It is very easy for me use, although it is the only pump I've really tried other than demo-ing an Omni pod.

It has great software that makes keeping log reports easy for me & my educators, who help me on a regular basis to adjust my settings...i've had more than diabetes as a health challenge this past year and i'm still adjusting...i think it is referred to as being "brittle".

The animas website is very helpful, but if you get to talk to a human, it is way better! :)


Hope that helps.


i am going to get the ping, and heres some stuff about it:

  • it can be submerged under water for 12 ft, for 24hrs
  • it has a meter that can tell your pump how much insulin to give (well, you tell the meter...)
  • 'it looks like a cell phone, but acts like a pancreas with no brain. you are the brain'
  • it gives the smallest basal increment available (0.025 U/hr)
  • it can hold the nutritional value of 500 foods, via Colorie King
  • it look really cool!
  • it holds 200 units of insulin
  • it comes in black, pink, green, blue, and silver
  • the infusion sets come in blue, green, clear, and pink
  • the comany is always there for your questions, armed with answers

Hope this helps! =D ;P

did anyone hear about the ezcarb function and other stuff on the meter not working rite?

I rec'vd a letter regarding the meter-remote from Animas Nov. 13, 2008.  ANYONE who had rec'vd the Ping should have also rec'vd the certified communication.  You can also find out more by calling Animas.  I  use all of my functions with my meter-remote and have not had a problem.

i am using the ping i just started it in november, i have had problems with it mainly because i didn't do a couple of things right. i use the ezcarb on the meter. i don't know if it's having any problems so yeah. haha

We have the ping. So easy my 7 year old knows all of the steps and could do it himself. (not that we let him w/o supervision) All the stuff posted before, but i want to add the customer service is A1 top rate. The reps are fantastic. I recieved the letter on the carb thing. The carb calculater could give you an inaccurate reading if the remote was not paired with the pump. The problem was corrected and I recieved the new remote already. Also to let you know it is very durable. Ethan swims and plays hockey with his on. he also dirtbikes while wearing as well. A great product with great service!