why does it seem that everyone has problems with their blood sugar after eating pizza?

knock on wood, mine does fine afterwards, but why is everyone else having problems?

Question is, what do you mean by afterwords: 30 mins, 1 hours, 3 hours, 8 hours??

"Foods that have a high fat content (i.e., over 25 g), such as pizza and ice cream, can cause a delayed blood glucose spike. The fat in these foods slows the absorption of carbohydrates, which can result in normal levels two to three hours after eating and elevated blood glucose up to eight hours after." - dlife

So unless you are fasting after eating pizza and checking your sugar during these later hours you may not even know that you are spiking, or when your spike occurs. OR you could just be lucky =) every d is different

- - - At camp we always laughed and sore that pizza is sole the reason the dual wave bolus was created.

Pizza doesn't affect me either. I guess it must just depend on the person?

I love pizza, and do not have a problem with it either. I also think it depends on the person, the kind of pizza you are eating, and if you are checking your sugar after meals. We make all our food, including pizza at home. We use organic unbleached whole wheat flour for the dough :)  I check my sugar evey two hours around the clock, and have never noticed more a spike from pizza.       

pizza doesn't bother me either. cereal is another problem though :o)

I guess it depends on a lot of things. 

For me, everything is about the carbs and the amount of insulin I take for those carbs.  What makes it hard is the gussing how many carbs are in the slice you  Was it thick or thin crust... veggie or extra    As long as I take the right amount of insulin I'm fine... otherwise... it's time for a little extra! :)

I agree to with the previous post... fat in foods makes a huge difference in absorbtion and blood sugars.

its a little bit more expensive but probably much better on the blood sugar but they have thin wheat pizza at some places. why when i get pizza do i forget about it every time i will not know. i only remember about it when i check my blood sugar after eating regular pizza. :)

sorry i didn't give a specific time period afterwards. i guess i'm just meaning a blood sugar spike at all. i've never noticed one, so maybe i'm a lucky one :)

lol, its cool, I guess I'm the only person who had trouble =) I'd be fine right after eating pizza my peak at about 300 three to four hours after so I learned to use my bolus later.

Hmm.  Thought I had pizza figured out.  Take a few extra units due to high carb count.  I always get thin crust, and besides I just like it better.  Except when in Chicago that is.  But then again, I've never tested 3 hours later to see, unless it's time to eat again!   Pappa John's does give my BS a heckuva hard time though.  But my wife won't let us get that anymore anyway since Pappa John is a big Republican contributor so I guess it doesn't really matter anyway.  But next time I might test about 3 hours later to see what up.

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knock on wood, mine does fine afterwards, but why is everyone else having problems?


Mine does too. I think it might be because there is so many carbs. I'm not sure though.

its the fat in the pizza.... you give insulin for the pizza when you eat it but the fat isnt digested until later, so it makes your blood sugar go higher (i dont know if i explained that right - it makes sense to me but....)

Probably because it's high fat, semi-high carb and semi-high sugar content.

I haven't eaten pizza in years because it screws so much with my bg.

Bottom line is that eating pizza is like eating sugar. its not good for you. for all the people who dont get high sugar after eating pizza then maybe you are not diabetic :) it is what it is. its a beyond high carb food. would you eat a baked potatoe and a pound of white rice with out and insulin injection or bolus and say your sugar does not skyrocket? i'd say thats a crock.

Wolf, you sound jealous!!

I found that I can not eat pizza, hunney nut oat cereal (cheerios), white rice, or a handfood of ther foods. But that is okay, I don't think i'm missing much. Funny thing is, with honey nut oat cereal I NEVER would have known how high i was going afterward because the spike happened SO fast! I didn't know how high I was going (300 in 30 minutes) because I was checking 2 hours after eating was already catching the down.  I only found out how high i was going afterward when i got hooked up to a CGM.

stilledlife...far from jealous. but eating a high carb food causes the sugar to go up. or we wouldnt be Diabetics. 99% say here that pizza is punishment and i agree with that fully.

at this point in so used to drinking water and eating lawn clippings to survive and be balanced. :)

Mmm lawn clippings, I eat mine with olive oil, lemon, and vinegar ;)

hahaha! water and lawn clippings... it definitely feels that way sometimes.

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 olive oil, lemon, and vinegar ;)


If you add some black pepper and have a ROCKIN' dressing! :)



I recently had a rude pizza awakening.  William kept going high after pizza dinners.  I was estimating carbs based on the materials provided to us by his ped endo.  We have this cute little spinning wheel with many of kids' favorite foods, and their estimated carbs.  Well, the wheel estimates 15 g carbs per slice of 12" cheese pizza.  But, when I looked up the actual carb count on the Calorie King website (which actually included our little pizza joint...I was very impressed), the carbs are actually 47 g per slice.  Ouch.  I was waaaaaaay underdosing him, especially when he was wolfing down three pieces.

So, I guess my question is, how many of you get the actual carb counts from the store you're getting your pizza from?  Or, are you estimating?