PJs For The Cure Web-site launched on Nov. 2, 2009

The Pjs For The Cure Web-site launched on Nov. 2, 2009 which coinsides with Diabetes Awareness Month!

Visit www.pjsforthecure.org

100% of all  purchases from this web-site will be donated to JDRF to find a cure for diabetes and its complications!  Purchase Womans and Childrens Pjs in time for the holidays nd help fins a cure!

very neat idea! I love seeing the different ways we all try to get rid of this disease!  it shows we are truely one!

My Mom sent my son the sports pj's and we got them in the mail today.

The company that created the Medingo Solo has been bought up by another company, which has delayed the pumps release.  Heard it might not be until 2012.

I tried a sample of it about 6 months ago and it is so much smaller and lighter than OmniPod.  It also allows you to bolus from the pump so you don't have to carry the remote all the time.