Plane rides!

We are going on our first plane trips in february and are wondering if flying affects kids sugars at all.  We are flying from BC, Canada to Californa and back and then BC to Ottawa.  Our sons are 5, almost 3 and 1, the one year old isn't diabetic so not overly concerned for him.  Has anyone had any reactions on planes, what do we need for the airline?  Any suggestions? 


We have traveled with Lucas several times. Travel always raises his bg, but then again he has always been a difficult traveler - even before diagnosis.  We always get a 300 a few hours into any trip - even if he hasn't eaten anything new.  I think it is just stress.  If either are on a pump, they will have to go through the "special security" just the spread legs and wand thing.  Prepare them for that if they will mind it but chances are if you have the 2 of them do it they won't feel bad.  Have your diabetes bags separate from your other carry on - sure you knew that.  And pack for 3 diabetics instead of 2- we always need extra pump changes and sugar checks when we travel.

I have 3 boys too.  8, almost 6 and 4.  I remember those days...never a dull moment but it is definitely easier now.  Lucas is my middle - D at 37mo.  The other 2 are not diabetic and Trial Net reports they are fine for now.

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I took my 13-year old from NY to Denver about 11 months after she was diagnosed, and she only got up once during the trip.  When we got off the plane, she told me she didn't feel well.  Tested, and she was 45! We also found that changing from a low altitude to the high altitude of Denver caused lows for a couple of days.  I guess her body was working harder due to less oxygen in the air.  So, if you're going from high altitude to low, you may see higher sugars.  My brother's been a type 1 for 30 years and he says vacations are always tough on BS and that altitude always makes a difference for him.


I found that in my daughter a plane ride rises her blood sugar.  I think it might be the loss of liquids during the ride.


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