Planning a diabetic tea party

So as a youth ambassadoe it's my job to mentor little girls with diabetes . So i decided to have a tea party at my house to get them introduced to each other . My problem is I don't know what foods to serve to them and how to keep them occupied while their parents have brunch with mine . Im taking them out on my horses at some point but any suggestions for my tea party would be greatly apprciated

Well one idea for the food is a veggie platter of all different kinds and dip because its a great snack that doesn't recquire any insulin. 

First off, how wonderful of you to mentor other girls with diabetes. Little ones need to see older kids who have been through what they are going through. You should be very proud of yourself for taking this on!

If you have horses, you won't need much else to please most girls! Are these girls elementary aged? You could definitely go with the horse theme. Get a large metal cookie cutter in the shape of a horse and use it to cut out tea sandwiches. Use colorful bandanas as placemats or napkins. You could easily find a horse themed craft for them if you needed to fill up some time. A little thing that I learned from my 3 girls and tea parties.... little girls do not like plain tea. Even if it's sweetened, they just don't like it. We usually served lemonade in the teapots! You could use Crystal Lite drink so you don't have to worry about insulin coverage, if it's okay with their parents for them to have artificial sweetner.

Good luck with your party. I wish there was someone where we lived who was doing this for girls like my daughter!